Facebook Fussing

Captain’s Log   6,082

I have had to unfollow some folks on Facebook.  Not because I don’t like what they say, but because they post so much stuff every day that my timeline is jammed with all of their photos, shared stories, etc.  One person posts 10-15 things AN HOUR when they get rolling.  That is way too much Facebook posting.  With that much drivel going on my page, I miss a lot of things other people post.  So, unfollowing it is.  I check their pages every so often to see what’s up, but I really cannot handle it when they just dump stuff.  I looked to see if they have likes and comments.  And they don’t.  That leads me to believe that their other friends have unfollowed them too.

And then there are the people I unfollow for my own personal reasons.  There are people who post things that mess with my psyche.  I do not want to look at pictures of abused animals.  Or hunting.  Or gun rights.  Post that shit and I will unfollow you.  I will not unfriend you, but I will limit how much of you I have to deal with on my personal page.

And then, of course, is the cool feature that blocks your stuff from landing on other people’s pages.  If somebody always wants to argue a point with me (like the time I had to authorize the killing of the bird in the museum or other morally difficult choices for me), I will not allow you to see what I write.  You can find it on your own, but I won’t make that easy for you.  And then there are the people who tell me I am wrong.  Over stupid stuff that really doesn’t matter.  There is one person in particular who challenges every damn thing I post.  Unfriending her would cause World War III, so I simply added her to the list of people who don’t automatically see my stuff.  She hasn’t figured it out yet and I doubt if she ever will.  She is too self-absorbed to really care about me.

And then, there are the people that I quickly and decisively unfriend.  Attack my family and you are GONE.  Stalk me or use Facebook for any reason and you are GONE.  Condemn me for anything with your righteous attitude and you are GONE.  Blocked.  I no longer exist.  And neither do you.

That being said, I have only unfriended about four people the whole time I have been on Facebook.  I blocked them too.  What’s the point of unfriending if you still allow them access?  There are four people on my blocked content list.  And I have unfollowed only 7-8 people.  Two of those people are back on my read list because they stopped posting animal abuse pictures.  So none of this is really a big deal.  I just felt like writing about it.


I checked my calendar and I believe I am working every single day (either at the museum or second job) until I leave for the Netherlands on the 28th of October.  Guess who will be WAY ready for a vacation?  I have a lay-over in New York on the way to Amsterdam, and my cousin would like to have a few minutes to say hello.  I am not sure that will work.  I have ABOUT 90 minutes or so between flights, and I have to be at my departure gate for Amsterdam an hour before take off.  That would leave me just 30 minutes to leave the boarding concourse, find my cousin, get back in the TSA line, and go back up to find my gate.  I have serious doubts that this will work.  Since I have never been to the JFK International Terminal, I cannot know for sure.  I wish I had a four hour layover.  I know that would be great.  My cousin is going to check and see if this is possible.  We will see.

I just know that once I sit down in that seat and the plane takes off from New York, I will be dead tired.  Red-eye most of the way.  I land in Amsterdam about 11:00 in the morning.

And this is what you do when you want to have adventures.  I hear so many people say they could not ever be in a plane so many hours.  Well, it’s not the most fun thing in the world, but it gets you to new worlds and new experiences.  Well-worth it if you ask me.


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29 responses to “Facebook Fussing

  1. I’m working out how quickly I can fly direct to UK and turn around and come straight back! I have to bring my 85year old mother out to SD and she cannot travel alone. Last time she travelled alone all the air crew came out to talk to me about how lovely she was and all the cups of tea and chats they had. I felt that was not really a good thing! So I go out Sunday night at 8:30 arrive in the UK 11 hours later. Will I be at death’s door if I come home on Friday? We shall see! And do it all again after Christmas…

  2. poundheadhere

    I’m with Mage – unfriended and blocked a family member (and considered doing the same for at least one more family member) for making racial slurs. FB is fun – when it’s not, it’s a sign I don’t need to talk to you.

  3. susanna

    No FB page, no I phone, big underwear, any takers?

  4. I liked the suggestion that you become a museum consultant. It would be a perfect fit.
    Yup, unfriended a family member.

  5. Valerie

    Couldn’t your cousin just give you a hug and send you on your way? Only of course, if she were a cousin that you’ve connected with on FB after only meeting once in your lives when you were both about 12 year old…just sayin’

  6. I have only blocked a couple of people who really went way over the line towards me during Dean’s illness and death. I don’t like all the little stuff that is posted either. I had to “hide” my coloring groups because I was overwhelmed with all their art…. I do try to post a “grateful remark every morning just to make me think about my day…sometimes it might be boring to others but works for me! LOL

  7. Patty O"

    1. YES, set your own standards for FB. It’s a tool that must suit YOU. 2. NO to trying to meet at JFK. Stress with a high chance of missing your flight. Sorry, but some other time! That’s my 2 cents worth!

  8. Yep! I agree JFK way to huge and will certainly stress you out. Send a nice note and say we are close bye tata!! I have unfriended too many to count, Slam my friends or any one of their lifestyles your are gone, vapor, steam in the night….gone! poof! Just the other day I made a snarky remark about religion and pissed.someone off. It was a response to another friend so in the reverse I “invited” them onto my fb. I told them if you think this offense you should see my remarks on my own fb page. He realized I was not attacking his personally but…..etc. But he sure was fast to attack everything I stated.. Sheesh. I am always back to the idea that fb in it’s evolution is perhaps not really a good thing for everyone. Some people we are not meant to have in our lives forever. In my way of thinking we are meant to meet some people, learn from them and move on. With fb that doesn’t really happen, now does it? Just a thought. But of course there are those we are meant to love for our lifetime too, right? For those fb is fab because well.the east Coast, Europe, for me particularly Oklahoma,and Oregon are way too far away.

  9. goatbarnwitch

    I post very little on my personal facebook because I don’t want to make the world revolve around facebook, sheesh, go outside and talk to a human face to face. Rave about the great restaurant or new recipe and skip the WFD photos….. every once in a while maybe but constantly…..????
    JFK is huge. Sit tight for you brief layover and adventure HO!

  10. bholles

    Good going. Get rid of the boring ones.

  11. Listen to Tushy there. JFK? A half an hour? Forget it. Skype, maybe, otherwise be prepared to miss your flight (in which case, I can put you up for the night! Yay, REAL FOOD!).

    God, I’m so glad I never succumbed to the siren’s call of FB. I have enough criticisms to contend with.

  12. Penny Tushingham

    JFK is a very large airport so I wouldn’t recommend trying to connect. You probably have to go thru customs there as well?

    I continue to be amazed at all the negative feedback you receive on FB. You (no one does)
    need negativity in your life. It’s too short!

    Enjoy your Monday and I hope it has cooled off some.

    Pen Pen

  13. purplygems

    i have unfriended or deleted many. and too many people post stuff about what they had for breakfast, or changing their pets litter box, etc. etc. who cares…..

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