Too Damn Busy

Captain’s Log   5,243

It’s been super busy.  In addition to getting up early every morning (5:00 AM) to work on the biggest grant of the year, I have had house guests from out of town.

Plus we installed a new exhibit and that requires tons of editing the narrative materials, arguing about the amount of money the staff can spend, etc.

I was also in Vegas for the Super Bowl weekend.

I really haven’t been around a lot.

Friend Pam threw a surprise birthday party for me on Sunday.  It was a biggie.  I am 65 now.  Wow.  I have Medicare now and everything.  Imagine that.  Do I feel older?  YES.  That is my final answer.

Things will continue to be busy until I leave for Tacoma, Washington in March for five days.  It’s the national conference.  Those are always fun but they are also VERY tiring.  We go from 8:00 AM until 9:00 PM every single day.  Not for wussies.

Penny arrives next week for her annual business trip.  She is easy to have around.  We see each other for coffee in the morning and we allot one day for us to hang out and have fun.  She’s busy and I’m busy.  It works out.

Heading off to work.  It’s board meeting day and we have 130 people coming tonight for the exhibit reception.  Busy busy busy.


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5 responses to “Too Damn Busy

  1. I’m sorry You don’t have the busy to replace this yet. Do you read Hattie…her tumor is receding.


    I love Hattie. She’s in much the same position you are in.

    Hugs at ya.

  3. goatbarnwitch

    Congrats on another revolution around the sun!! Enjoy the fun stuff and I hope the other busy goes smoothly

  4. Happy Belated Birthday!!! You sound busier than ever!

  5. Nice to see you’re still finding the odd thing to do here and there in your dotage 🙂

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