Gearing Up For Guests

Captain’s Log    5,239

It’s board meeting day.  We haven’t met since November.  Going dark in December is always a nice little gift for me since it’s the busiest time of the year for us.  I am never upset when the board wants to take a holiday!  We also go dark in August because they all flock north for the big car shows.  Fine with me too.

The recent rains have transformed my lemon tree from something that was spindly, yellow,  and dying into something lush with flowers and baby lemons.  I am delighted to see this tree turn around.  I did everything I could, but it seemed to like rain a lot more than water from the hose.  Starting tomorrow, we have five straight days of rain in the forecast.  That is good and bad.  We need the rain….but we cannot handle that much rain all at once.  Sandbags are ready to go at the museum.  Last time this happened, the exhibit floor started to flood.  Rain runs right down an access ramp and through the doors.  Terrible design but I cannot change it because the building belongs to the city.

I have houseguests coming in February.  YAY!  The first set are friends from Minnesota who made the trip last year.  They are delightful people who will be staying with me four days.  I am taking a long weekend so we can actually DO four days together.  After that, they are going off on their own for a few days.  They told me they don’t want to smell like “fish” and be around too long.  I appreciate their thoughtfulness even though they are no trouble at all.  I always give my guests a house key and full access to all the food and appliances just in case I am not there. They can also putter around the garden, do laundry, play the piano, or just hang out and read.  Whatever.  My house is their house.

Montana Penny comes later in the month for her yearly trip to San Diego.  She’s another easy one to have around because she is here for business and I rarely see her.  We have dinner the first night and then we plan a play day.  We always plan a dinner with my sister too (since they have been friends even longer).  I like having her around because she has a full calendar of her own things to do.  Some nights, I don’t even hear her come home.

My next door neighbors have finally moved back into their house.  They moved out before Thanksgiving because of black mold.  I still don’t know the entire story, but it must have been terrible – ugly mold lurking behind the walls.  I think they did some remodeling while the house was empty.  I cannot even imagine where they went all that time with three small kids.  Anyway, it’s nice to hear the laughter of children again.  I must admit it was creepy to be living next to an empty house all that time.

I am planning to turn my TV on all day Friday – tuned to the Cartoon Network.  That will drive the ratings for the inauguration DOWN.  I refuse to watch one minute of the clown show featuring Major Mango.  I cannot even begin to tell you how proud I am of the lawmakers who are refusing to attend.  Good on them.

I got into a bit of a Facebook battle last week with someone who supports Trump.  She truly believes we are all this upset because Hillary lost.  I tried to explain that disappointment, but my reaction now isn’t sour grapes or sulking.  My reaction now is to try to stop a egocentric man-baby from having the nuclear codes.  Big difference.  Bigly.



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12 responses to “Gearing Up For Guests

  1. Carrie Duff

    As always thank you for all of the positivity!! As much as I am horrible frightened with …..Mr. no substance, fake hair, fake tan, fake person, -.the Potus-to-be, Trumpeter as I refer to him….all noise, no real addition to the band. …….I will be respectful, I will try to make it through the next 4 years, I will hope it is him because his alternative is far scarier, I will again respect the office. I am an AMERICAN first. I will very sadly continue to look for property elsewhere.But I will always remain an AMERICAN – GOD BLESS US ALL. That is all.

  2. I have a dear friend who believes my dislike of Trump is a dislike of the office of the president. I’m semi-marching Saturday then making my way to the museum somehow.

  3. Joanie

    Sounds like good times ahead! Looking forward to seeing you Friday.

  4. We’re getting rain as I type this — and I expect it to continue through the weekend. Gads, but I do like what the rain does to our mountains and hillsides, but it’s cold and wet. It was 23 deg. on the deck this morning. Brrrr

  5. Patty O'

    I hope you have the BEST visit with your friends. You could use a little laughter. As for Friday, I will be watching old movies or nothing whatsoever. Funny but this whole thing has made me like Dubya a little better…

  6. I hope Mother Nature is kind to you. If you get the rain, I suspect we’ll get it too, with similar flooding along the way. I have talked to people with NOAA (the national Weather Service) who warned that the end of a drought always begins with flooding, usually bad flooding. So while it won’t be fun for a while, at least it looks like the drought might be turning around.

    Here’s to four days off and wonderful company! I hope you all enjoy yourselves immensely 🙂

    I won’t bother with the inauguration crap. We don’t have cable and aren’t part of the Nielson ratings network, so doubtful anyone will know or care what we watch on television.

  7. Pat Ferrian

    You mean I will suddenly be able to play the piano? Must be due to my fingers becoming unfrozen.

  8. Penny Tushingham

    Can’t wait for our visit and hopefully some ripe wonderful lemons!

    Pen Pen

  9. I remember the flooding pics you posted last time around. Terrible!

    Although, if it results in a bumper crop of lemons…..

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