Clowning Around

Even though they terrify me, I am a huge fan of wee clowns and giant clown shoes.  I believe it’s important to face your fears and carry them with you when you travel so you can create wonderful photo essays and stuff.

Here are the clown shoes.  They don’t have names because they don’t need names.  They are posing at a roadside shrine near Tombstone, Arizona.  See how well they blend in with the tall candles and the statue of Jesus?


The clown shoes also have a nephew.  His name is Heinous, the Clown.   He came into my life at Christmas of 2008, and my life hasn’t been the same.  Heinous is cute but he likes to pull tricks.  I often post entires about Heinous and the clown shoes.  Here is Heinous posing for a marketing portfolio.


9 responses to “Clowning Around

  1. capitolady

    Cute shoes 🙂

  2. misosmart

    I am terrified of clowns and mimes.

  3. cosmic

    He is soooo cute!

  4. Yeah, the nuns of “our younger years” were something else, weren’t they?!?! Vewy scary!

    Thanks for the shout about my Birthday. You’re the best!

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