Geocaching With the Pope

Captain’s Log   6,081

What I find interesting about Republicans……….

They want to insert all sorts of God stuff into our government.  Christian values this.  God bless America that.  Never mind that this country was founded on the SEPARATION of religion and government.  Details…..

They want all the God stuff except…….

EXCEPT…………. when the God stuff is coming from this guy.

pope and obama

Oh whoa!  Whoa up there!  Not the pope’s God stuff!

They ask……”How can that damn pope be so political?”

My question is…..  how can any elected government official be so religious?

Even John Boner-Head is a Catholic.  He must have had a very tight sphincter during the pope’s address.  Even though he was instrumental in getting the pope to visit, I’m sure he had reservations.   “There’s a lot of interest in what the pope is saying, his outreach to the poor, the fact that he thinks people ought to be more religious,” he said. “He’s got other positions that are a bit more controversial, but it’s the pope.”  A bit more controversial?  That’s a laugh.

How dare that damn pope care about the planet?  How dare he care about immigration and the poor?  He’s supposed to be a figurehead, dammit!  He isn’t really supposed to express his ideas!   I know he is against abortion, but to his credit, he is also against poverty, ignorance, war, and the death penalty.  That makes him truly more pro-life than any of the other guys who only want women to have babies even though they cannot care for them for whatever reason.

I can handle a difference of opinion if that person is consistent across the board.  Don’t tell me you are pro-life and then cut off welfare funding to poor mothers or put restrictions on free lunch programs.  Don’t tell me you are pro-life if you support the war.  Don’t tell me you are pro-life if you are willing to inject another human being with a deadly drug.  Just don’t tell me that shit.

I would like to geocaching with the pope.  I don’t offer that to everyone, but I think we could have fun talking in the car while driving to the next treasure.


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18 responses to “Geocaching With the Pope

  1. poundheadhere

    I don’t have to be Catholic to respect and appreciate the new Pope’s views, and I am grateful that he shares them with the world. He’s in the unique position of impacting millions with those views, and what a wonderful thing that what he shares is one positive statement on humanity after another.

  2. Yup, loving our neighbors indeed.

  3. joanie

    Dear Poolagirl, this is the Pope. You can call me Francis. I would love to geocache with you. My email address is…
    I’m sure we could find many interesting relics, not to mention have some even more interesting “talks in the car” on our way to such adventures. After that we could go to one of your favorite vegetarian restaurants like Swami’s and you could invite your friend and hairstylist Joanie to join us. In fact, maybe she could bring her shears as I could use a haircut right about now. Not for the geocaching but for the food. Have a wonderful day!

  4. Susanna

    Very tight sphincter. OMG that is hilarious! I love the Pope but I LOVE the belly laughs you give me!!!! And now Boner-head is kicking in, my stomach hurts from laughing.

  5. bholles

    Why dont you ask him to go with you?

  6. Patty O"

    In 1960 I attended a Papal Audience and watched the extraordinary Pope John XXIII. Pope Francis reminds me of him so strongly. Conservative in some arenas, liberal in others, but both men of extraordinary intelligence and compassion. Even this old apostate Catholic can see the spirituality in both of them and wish our poor old world had more men like them.

  7. This Pope feel so approachable. He always seems so interested in everyone….especially the children and the sick. I think he has a great message. I hope the rest of his visit goes well. I can just picture him with the little light on his forehead as he geocaches with you!

  8. Penny Tushingham

    Did you hear the Pope turned down lunch with Bone-Head to eat with the homeless.

    The best comment I have heard that the Pope made (prior to his visit) is…..

    Being a good catholic doesn’t mean acting like rabbits, it means being a good parent.

    Pen Pen

  9. farmgirl

    I SO see you geocaching with the Pope! You two would have a blast! But beware…he may be better at it than you! And I would be jealous. Because to just spend 10 mins with this kind, gentle, forward thinking man would be a gift. Truly a gift. I would just want to soak up his presence. I always think of St. Francis of Assisi when I see him. I am so proud of the stands he takes. He wants me to want to be a better person.

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