All righty then.  I am a middle-aged museum director from San Diego who really wants to sail the seas as captain of a pirate ship.  Life isn’t so much about what we do but who we are.  I say, “Go for the adventures of a lifetime!”  Because you may not get a second chance.

I don’t write about the boring details of my life or the day-to-day litanies of my activities because, frankly, that bores the wits right out of me.  My writing grows in the Petri dish of observation of life and its funny plays and players.

Although I love working, I don’t like to think we are defined by our jobs or the work we do.  I would much rather be remembered by the trouble I’ve caused or the adventures I’ve created.  I don’t climb corporate ladders or strive for awards, but when the graces of good karma rain down, I relish them with true gratefulness.

15 responses to “Philosophy

  1. Mahevash

    “Life isn’t so much about what we do but who we are.” Loved this line! And your About page is truly unique 🙂

  2. guignol

    stumbled upon your blog via the “what a world” picture… because it IS a what a world kind of world. i know I’M melting.

    i imagine the philosophical point about “I don’t write about the boring details of my life or the day-to-day litanies of my activities because, frankly, that bores the wits right out of me.” was meant to be ironic. otherwise the bit about cleaning out behind your fridge warrants an explanation.

    i find your writing style monotonous and i mean that in the nicest possible way. don’t knock monotonous when i’m in the house.

    btw, when i was in college (well, SJSU… not really a college, more a high school w/ ashtrays) i kept insisting to career counselors that i wanted to be a pirate. THEY OFFERED NO HELP AT ALL!!

  3. Lisa

    Stumbled on your blog..I’m enjoying it! I saw you commented on Purple Chai. I used to follow her blog, but she hasn’t posted in forever…is she still around on another site??

  4. Stacy (Schmidt)Jorgensen

    You are such a good writer. My mom forwarded your site to me and I have really enjoyed it. I am very sorry for the loss of your Mom. I have fond memories of her too. I wanted to be at the funeral to see all of you but just could not make it work with work and the kids and a lousy soon to be ex husband.. Just wanted to touch base and say hello.. keep on writing!

    • poolagirl

      How sweet of you to write! Thanks so much! Maybe we will meet again soon without a funeral. That would be nice!

  5. Jett

    Good philosophy to live by. Our work is what we do, not who we are. It is nice to love doing it though!
    Consider me your newest fan 🙂

  6. Phil Hey

    YOu do know how to do it, poolagirl. KEEP DOING IT!

  7. capitolady

    Put the positive out there and try desperately to forget the negative. 🙂

  8. gothougeekly

    Just a quick thanks for reminding me of the important things in life. One of these days I’ll get over that anger again, but, for now, I’m glad I’m out of there, and that’s enough.

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