Make a Dent

Captain’s Log    5,169

About a mile from beautiful Balboa Park (where I work), we have an enormous street encampment of homeless people.  It boggles my mind that one of the richest countries in the world allows this to happen.


Beautiful Balboa Park


Homeless encampment on the street during the last El Nino rains.

Something is wrong.  And please don’t tell me these people don’t want help.  Don’t tell me how many of them are choosing this.  I don’t want to hear that crap right now.

I have cooked and served food for the homeless.  I have taken left-over catering from museum events to these people.  I have given money.  I have played games with their children.  I have turned a blind eye when a family of four living in a car uses a public restroom in the park to keep themselves clean.  I have bought meals and coffee.

And it hasn’t made a dent.  I can’t make a dent.  Not alone.  I need your help.

Vote.  Please vote.  It’s the only way to affect change.  And if you say you hate both candidates, please vote for the Democratic choice.  Not voting puts Trump closer to the White House.  He cannot become our president.  If our social ills are bad now, they would become 1000% worse under Trump.

Please.  Have a heart.  Make a dent.


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