Tipping My Hat to Mr. C

Captain’s Log    5,187

As much as I hate to give props to fools, I must tip my hat to Ted Cruz for standing up to the Cheeto Man.  He probably ended his political career last night, but hey…..he had the balls to do it.  With all the crap going on with that campaign, he took the high road.  I do give him credit.  I never thought I would ever say it.  But I am saying it.

He stood up to a horde of fools….just like August Landmesser did on June 13, 1936.

lone german

Brave man.  He paid a dear price for his resistance.

After what  Laura Ingraham pulled last night at the end of her speech, I am really not too far off the mark.  Trust me.


I tossed a volunteer out of the museum forever for pulling a stunt like this.  I take this crap very seriously.  It is never a joke.  Never.

These are times that frighten me.  They also embolden me.

I am only getting started.  I will make noise.  Just like my pal, Emily, did yesterday in Cleveland.


Emily – in the middle with the dark curly hair.  You go, rock star!

I will not stand back and be passive.  Not me.  It’s time for noise.


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