No Fried Eggs

Captain’s Log    5,221

Frank has finally settled down.  He fell asleep watching TV last night.  Good.  We watched the end of the ball game (yawn) and he was toast.  That meant he wasn’t up until midnight like he was the night before.  Jet lag has been conquered.

He is serious about coming back to San Diego.  His son has agreed to share an apartment when the time comes.  That will make finding a place a lot easier. The places he looked at yesterday he simply referred to as “dumps.”

One more day of work and I am off for a glorious three in a row.  I have to go downtown today and sit through another city council hearing.  The most exciting part about that is listening to the loonies who come in to make off-the-wall statements about the government.  Interesting stuff.  Well, at least amusing stuff.  I hope I never turn into a strange old lady who wanders around with a fried egg on my head.


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