Ruining Christmas?

Captain’s Log    5,232

What kind of city department would release guidelines on December 9th for a 42-page grant proposal that takes at least 70 hours to write…….

Hang on……….

And have that all due December 27th?

So instead of truly enjoying time off for the holidays, guess who will be sitting at her desk (home office) swilling down cups of coffee and writing her ass off?  Sending off chapters for editing?  Re-writing as needed?

Can you guess?

At least I can write in my jammies and slippers.  That’s a plus.  I cannot possibly do this work at the museum with tons of distractions all day long.

I wrote this whole thing myself last year.  Other organizations split it up into 5-6 departments.  Somehow, I think that’s worse because the goal is to make it sound like one person wrote it.  A good friend who had hers done in pieces was going insane trying to get all the chapters from the different people on time.

This damn thing took me 6 weeks last time.  Granted, I didn’t write every single day for hours and hours, but I wanted it to be perfect.  And it was.  We received over $70,000 in funding.  And when you do a good job, they expect you to do an even better job the next time.  I don’t have 6 weeks this time.  I have 18 days.

But who ruins Christmas like this?  Who?

My city, that’s who.


This will not be me.


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