Go Go Go! Half-Time Show!

Captain’s Log    6,136

The Super Bowl party is over for another year.  It was great fun.  I was sorry to see the Panthers lose, but hey……..in the scheme of life, it really doesn’t matter.

I didn’t realize until this morning when I browsed the news that the conservatives are having a fit over Beyonce’s half-time show.  How DARE she do something that reflects her race!  How DARE she do something in support of a cause she believes in?  How DARE she be so….black?  And how dare she be so sexy in that leather costume?

Nobody accused Coldplay of being so…..white!

And then there was the whole LOVE thing in the stands that came out in rainbow colors.  How DARE the promoters a….RAINBOW!  How DARE they even talk about love?  The Super Bowl is supposed to be about the final blood fest of the season.

love is

Big statements.  Black Lives Matter.  Equality.  No glorification of blood lust or brain injuries from years of football players crashing into each other.  Those promoters were so short-sighted!

Next thing you know, those filthy hippie liberal scum promoters will want to include the environment, GMO food labeling, global warming, and child sex trafficking.

As long as they don’t promote vegetarianism!  Gads!  The world would end if that happened.  Damn liberals.


And speaking of politics…….  Could this really be happening in New Hampshire?  Could this be the trend for the entire state?

The results of the nine votes cast shortly after midnight in the U.S. Presidential primary election are displayed on a board at the Hale House at Balsams Hotel in Dixville Notch

Go Bernie!

I just love grassroots politics.  Where people still write stuff on a board with a magic marker.


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