I Know a Clunk When I Hear It

Captain’s Log     5,197

So I wasn’t crazy after all.  When I took my car in for service last month, I told the service writer I was hearing a sporadic clunking noise on the right front.  They brought a mechanic out and we did a test drive.  Naturally, the noise did not happen.

The service writer told me to relax and assured me the car was fine.  Not to worry.  The wheels weren’t going to fall off or anything.  I was also told to bring the car back if the clunking sound got worse.

It got worse.  So I took the car in yesterday.  Once again, I went for a ride with a mechanic.  The car barely clunked.  I was embarrassed.  After we stopped, he told me to turn the wheel as far to the right as possible.  He climbed under the car and fiddled around.  Lo and behold, he was able to duplicate the noise.

He got to his feet and said, “Hand me the keys.  You are not driving this car until this is fixed.”  I said I could bring it back in the morning and I only live 3 miles away.  Nope.  He called the service writer over and insisted I get a loaner.  He told me some part of my brake lining was loose and it was sticking in some doo-hickey thing.  Worst case scenario is I would have lost control of the car.

So I got a loaner and off I went.  They are fixing this for free because they told me there wasn’t anything wrong with the car the last time I was there.  I drive the car every day.  I KNOW when something isn’t right.

I was validated by the mechanic.  I am not some crazy nut job that makes mountains out of mole hills.  The service writer was horrified.  Should have been horrified.  I asked if they would pull the wheel and check it all out, and I was assured it was nothing.

I know when it’s something.



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