Gatorade Magic

Captain’s Log    5,210

Feeling a bit punky this morning.   It feels like mild food poisoning.  I knew it was coming when my stomach was rumbling so loud I couldn’t hear the television last night.  I never felt really sick – just knew I had to stay close to the bathroom.


Yummmm…..Cherry Frost!

I have a business appointment later this morning so I am nursing a cup of tea and a glass of Gatorade.  Hopefully things will be all settled down in another hour.  I’ve had a tender tummy ever since I almost died from food poisoning back in 1973 (hospitalized in isolation for a whole week).  The doctors flat out told me I was really messed up and would probably feel the effects of that for the rest of my life.  And they were right.  Ever since then, I have to be extremely careful about what I eat.  Rich foods like risotto almost kill me.  Becoming a vegetarian has helped a LOT.  I can’t imagine what would happen to me if I ate bacon now.

But anyway………..I never let these things stop me for long.  Gotta keep going.  I am really grateful I don’t have to fly today.   I got this once on an overnight flight from Albany to San Diego.  Thank goodness the plane was only half full.  The flight attendants put me in the back seats next to the bathroom and covered me with blankets.

And guess what?  They had Gatorade on the plane.  Even so, it was one of the most miserable nights of my life.  I think I finally fell asleep about an hour before the plane landed.

Speaking of planes…..I am going to Detroit in November for a board meeting.  The National Association of Automobile Museums is hosting a 2-day session for long-range planning.  All expenses paid.  They are housing us in a ritzy hotel.  After the hectic pace of right now, even a trip to Detroit will be a welcomed relief.  I am looking forward to this.

Friend Frank arrives next month from Cape Cod for 10-day stay.  He thinks he might want to move back and live in the desert – with no people and absolutely nothing to do.  I’ve known Frank for 25 years, and he has always puzzled me.  He was also in the Peace Corps, and part of this trip includes a reunion with his pals he served with in Venezuela.  He has always been a social creature, so this whole idea of living in the desert puzzles me.  I’m sure there is more to the story that will be revealed when I see him.

Time to iron a blouse.  One cannot look rumpled for a business appointment – even though it’s at a body shop east of town.  But I do plan to wear brown jeans and tennis shoes.  I don’t want to over-do professionalism on a casual Friday.


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