Not Geared Up For the Party

Captain’s Log    5,230

It’s December Nights again in the park.  Gads!  Ugh!  Not fun for people who work in the museums!

Last year, we had 16,000 people come through our doors.  They are expecting 300,000 over the two nights.  It’s so crowded you can’t see anything.  You cannot move freely.


Does this look like fun to you?

And all the rides and greasy, awful food stands go up right in front of our museum.  So we get to smell the disgusting grease from places like this.


Massive gag attack.


And the chintzy rides!  Nothing says Merry Christmas like twirling around on a ride operated by a toothless ex-felon with tears tattooed on his face.  I don’t like carnies very much.  Sorry.

I will be leaving in several hours for this fun fest.  More tomorrow.


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