Farewell to Ann Rule

Captain’s Log   6,053

My sister just emailed me to let me know that Ann Rule passed away.  She was one of the finest true crime writers of all time.  Her first book, The Stranger Beside Me, profiled the history and story of Ted Bundy.  They became friends while sharing the late shift at a Seattle suicide hotline.  And then she found out what he was really all about.  Holy shit.  Very ironic that Bundy worked a suicide line.  Then again, it was perfect for him.  He seemed to thrive on the idea of death and its potential.

stranger beside

The first true crime book I ever read.  Very insightful.

She was a humble woman who loved doing her research and writing her books.  She will be missed.


She always focused on the whole story.  A true professional.

I always admire people who can write with a passion.  I wish I had the discipline to write books.  I have the discipline to write other things, but the thought of writing a book absolutely paralyzes me.


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