100 Things

 1.  I have been a vegetarian since January 15, 1975. 

2.  I am fiercely allergic to cats.

3.  Cats and I don’t get along very well anyway so the allergy is a moot point.

4.  I used to be a professional singer.

5.  People love me or hate me.  There is no middle road.

6.  I don’t like ginger ale.

7.  I tend to put my Thermos in the refrigerator and forget about it.

8.  I once had a priest visit me in the hospital and he suggested I make a final confession.

9.  Normally, I am very nice.  Except when I’m not.

10.  I don’t ever want to have another pet because saying goodbye is just too hard.

11.  I don’t make threats.  I mean what I say.

12.  I track my stats religiously.  If you have ever visited here or even better, left me a comment, I know exactly where you live because I also have an IP finder.  So please watch what you say and how you say it.  If you use a Mac, it’s even easier for me to find you.

13.  I love having my hair cut.

14.  I found a dead man in the street when I was just six years old.

15.  Liberal and very very proud of that.

16.  I voted for Obama.

17. I think driving is one of the most amazing pleasures known to mankind.

18.  I would take tomatoes with me to that proverbial desert island.

19.  I avoid mean people.

20.  Geocaching is my favorite hobby.

3 responses to “100 Things

  1. VBriles

    Ha! Replying so you know it’s me!

  2. Ahoy there matey! Nice list! # 2, I am also allergic to cats which makes vistiing my family a bit challenging since they all seem to have the little critters. #12 I went through a phase where I was quite the stats whore, I was all about the numbers. Then I found a group.. Hello My name is Cheryl…and # 17…. yep driving is therapy.
    Nice blog I stumbled on it totally by accident and being a trekkie I had a cumpulsion to read anything with ‘captains log’ in it. 🙂
    HMS Pie Rat… nice! my nick name since JR high (a long long time ago) has been P-Rat.
    Hope to see you around the Blog-a-sphere

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