When Did I Get Sick???

Captain’s Log   5,247

Well, I hopped on to the computer this morning to work on a grant – only to discover that I don’t have the right files to write the report.  I need to work on stuff I wrote a year ago.  So sad.  That means I have to do something else in my home office.  Think I will have a go at writing a journal entry from a real computer.


People have asked me when I started to get sick with my cancer.  It was sometime in November.  I found a photo from that time.  I was starting to get thin.  I was starting to get tired.  But like most people with lymphoma, nobody ever really feels cancer-like.  You just feel off.  I had no idea there were tumors starting in my stomach and my kidneys.  The diagnosis was shocking.  Nobody I talked with even knew they had it.  They were surprised with their diagnosis too.

Here’s a picture of me getting sick.  And that’s about all I have the energy for today.  Time to rest.

starting to get sick


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22 responses to “When Did I Get Sick???

  1. I saw you last summer. I want more IRL time w you. So please heal up and get strong.
    Love you.

  2. Oh my… you are a marvel. So very glad you’re still with us, to make us smile and chuckle at life.

  3. Yes, you are thinner in this photograph. No one would have known.

  4. Patty O'

    Are you gonna write a play? Run a marathon? Or will that be NEXT week?

  5. Yes, now looking at that photo, you do look just a bit different. But now we can look forward to the growing of your hair and marvel at all you have accomplished….You are quite the woman!!!!

  6. Valerie

    So interesting! As they say hindsight is 20/20. I remember quite a while back I commented that you had lost weight and I think you responded you had given up sugar? Who knew what evil was working in you at the time. It’s a good lesson for us all to pay close attention to any changes.

  7. *Hugs* I’m glad you’re still with us, and hope you’ll be up to a nice big bottle of rum soon. With Dangerspouse in the house, you’re gonna need it.

  8. I kinda like you better with the cancer. Much more colorful headgear.

  9. C Duff

    Makes one wonder……..You take care of you, It is still a road, not as long as it once was but a road none the less and I love you and you must visit!! So there! Yes, today it is all about ME!! And I miss you!!!! Rest my friend before we know it you will dancing a jig!! XXXXOOOO

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