Buying Stuff on Amazon

Things are looking up. You know your life is improving when you buy toilet paper, paper towels, and trash bags in huge quantities on Amazon at 4:00 AM. Two weeks ago, I wasn't confident doing that. I had not yet received the confirmation that I was in remission.

You don't make big plans for paper products if you think you might die. There are a lot of things you shove to the side if you think you might die.

It's been amazing. I care about so many things now. Other stuff has been tossed aside as not important. Everything has changed.

I want to thank everyone for your time, effort, generosity, love, and support. I have a long way to travel before I am completely "back" on my game, but I move forward with confidence and a humble heart.

Thank you for loving me and letting me learn to love you.


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26 responses to “Buying Stuff on Amazon

  1. Jean Fisch

    Good to see ur writing again !!

  2. Yup, cancer will do that to you. You just get better every day….so there.

  3. Patty O'

    What a joy to have our Captain back…and with enough new hats to last for decades! Let’s see that you wear all of them out!

  4. Wait – you were sick??

  5. Valerie


  6. You brought us in for virtual front-row seats to what it’s like to endure cancer treatment. I’m honored you shared.

  7. C Duff

    Honored, thrilled, humbled HAPPY WHEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! Soooo happpy to see this post!! XXXXOOOO from the Great Northwest! I love you too Paula!!

  8. ned bardey

    Great news. Seeing this post tonight has reaally cheered me up. Keep getting better, we’ve been thinking of you on our side of the pond.

  9. There’s nothing more life changing than being close to death’s door. Huge hugs for your spirit and determination. So very glad you’re still with us.

  10. maryz

    HOORAY!!! (Are you buying green bananas yet?) Seriously, it’s great to have you “back”.

  11. citydweller

    Welcome back Captain.

  12. I hadn’t thought about those things (paper products) I (we) were more concerned with funeral plans and financial information. I’m glad you feel like you are getting better. It’s what we all prayed for.

  13. goatbarnwitch

    Nice to see some words here and thanks for sharing your journey

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