Huge Wussie

Captain’s Log  4,482

Maybe I should do this today.  It’s too hot to think.  Definitely too hot to write.

Remember how much fun this used to be?

Got the ceiling fan going and the Vornado circulation fan going.  Cold drink in a metal cup.  Going Zen.

I have become a huge wussie since moving to San Diego.  There!  I said it!


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10 responses to “Huge Wussie

  1. It’s the humidity. We all are with the two indexes matching. We went to the movies….twice. LOL

  2. i can’t take the heat….usually have a ceiling fan going…thankfully the downsizer has a ceiling fan in the bedroom, computer room, kitchen, living room and family room…..they stay on 24/7…..

  3. I’m so sorry for you. You need a portable AC or window AC unit for days like this – only use it if/when you need it. It’ll mean everybody sleeps in the same room, but at least you’ll sleep cool!

  4. Not only is it hotter here than usual, the heat is more uncomfortable. I used to think it’s just me, but maybe not.

  5. PA is supposed to cool down tonight!!!!! I spent the whole day in air conditioning at Macy’s today, so I’m looking forward to opening up my windows at home tomorrow!!!

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