Bring on the Trombones and the NONO Kitty

Captain’s Log  4,481

It’s 76 degrees and the humidity is 76% .  Let’s bring on the trombones!  I have no idea how hot it was in my office yesterday, but I stuck to the furniture.

The almost dead guy was sitting up when I pulled into the parking area yesterday.  The police came by on their handy-dandy ATV scooter things and talked to him.  But he stayed.  He was still there when I left – sitting up and staring at something in his hands.  That makes 48 hours.  We have an event out there tomorrow and I need him moved.  If he is still there today, I will call the police and see what they can do.  If I call them at 10:00, they might show up around 2:00.

The parrots showed up again for another scream fest.  My pal Susanna showed up too but she didn’t scream.  We went to lunch together.  I also went out for dinner with our grantwriter.  She’s kind of classy so I took her to my favorite hole-in-the-wall Mexican place.

The bigger the billboards on the roof, the better the food.

We started cooking up some ideas for the 2015 centennial celebration in the park.  The best idea was a kiosk where people could listen to various auto sounds (engines, clicks, alarms, belt slippage, etc.)  They would be able to combine those sounds into some sort of musical composition and save it all on a memory chip they could take with them.  At the end of the year, we would have a full-scale orchestra night with real symphony musicians “playing” various cars.  My vision is to dress the cars in tuxedos too.

You think I am kidding?

I need fun things to do or I go mad.

I started watching the Hatfields & McCoys last night on the History Channel.  Wow!  What a testimony to how testosterone can go bad!  I don’t understand feuding.  There are several car clubs in San Diego that feud like that.  When we have an event, they cannot park their cars next to each other, etc.  Tons of bullshit.  At first, I thought they were kidding.  Nope.  Serious as smallpox.  I suppose the Febreze Lady who lives next door enjoys her one-sided feuding with me.  Is it really a feud if only person does it?  I pay no attention to her whatsoever (unless she is spritzing  over the fence or muttering YOU SMOKE).  I have no idea why she hates me.  It might be because the gardener left some leaf debris in the street four years ago.

I found this truly funny video yesterday and posted it on Facebook.  I also emailed it.  I got a total of three responses.  What is wrong, people???  This is the funniest thing ever!  It’s an angry cat saying NO over and over again.  Seriously!

Gosh!  What does it take to get a reaction around here?  If I had been drinking root beer when I watched this, I know it would have shot out my nose.  Okay?  It’s THAT funny!  Sheesh!

Oooh!  Now it’s 78 degrees and the humidity has dropped to 72%.  I feel so much better already!


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18 responses to “Bring on the Trombones and the NONO Kitty

  1. It’s 84 here with 85% humidity Yes, G and I laughed our heads off. He was going around saying No no no….all afternoon.

  2. I was one of the people who commented on NoNo Kitty. I still think NoNo Kitty is a part of an inadvertent ventriloquist act. I could buy the vocalization but never heard a kitty who could say “No” so clearly, lol.

  3. susanna

    I have trouble watching a cat in anxiety, can’t laugh, just want to ease the dis-ease. Call me co-dependent. However he/she was amazingly articulate.

  4. I believe that cat was actually ululating…….neener indeed.

  5. Since NYC’s mayor won’t allow donations to homeless shelters any more due to the possibility that the homeless might ingest too much salt or fat, I guess the parrots won’t be donated there. Amazing how many rules are in place but common sense never is used.

    • So it’s better to have them starve than to eat fatty food?

      • Seems that is his theory…..apparently a Jewish congregation has been donating homemade bagels and other foods for years to the homeless food kitchens but now are being denied….along with many other large groups who want to donate…. No common sense at all. He is the same mayor who wants to deny mothers access to baby formula because they should all be breastfeeding their babies in HIS OPINION….

  6. Your feral parrots are at least colorful. Around here we have monk parrots — don’t know how they got here, but lots of strange animals end up in Connecticut. (It must be because the mayor of New Haven is soft on immigrants…)

    There are two kinds of hits if you google parrots in Connecticut: half are adoption services and the rest are complaints that the electric company is murdering them. I believe some people think we should leave the nests on the switching boxes until they catch fire and the birds would die a “natural death.”

  7. Penny Tushingham

    Nono kitty should go on America’s Funniest Video. It would win $100K which could be donated to the care of homeless kitties!

    Pen Pen

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