Help My Sister With a Joke

Captain’s Log   5,756

I wish we had Boxing Day here in the United States.  I could use another holiday off.  I don’t quite get the concept.  From what I gather, the servants had to wait a day to get their boxes of gifts.  Is that right?   Doesn’t sound very fair but if it means an extra holiday, I am all for it!


I had boxing day in my garage last month.  I found all the random boxes and consolidated them into nice piles of boxes.  Now, I have more boxes because they reproduce during the holidays.  Then one day you wake up and realize what’s happened.  You have become a hoarder.

I had a great time yesterday.  I spent the day with Big Sister Mia at Friend Pam’s house.  We had a nice spaghetti meal and shared some gifties.  I gave Pam’s child unit a onesie just like mine.  Since people all over this country wear their pajamas in Walmart, we thought it might be fun to give it a try in our onesies.  Doubt if anyone would even notice two adult women dressed alike in microfiber jumpsuits with feet attached.  Pajama feet.  Of course our real feet would be attached.  It would be hard to walk around Walmart if you didn’t have real feet.

Big Sister Mia sent me an email last night about going to the movies on Saturday.  That was all fine, but she had written it after she took some Ambien.  Holy shit!  Instead of having a driving, cooking, or shopping Ambien moment, she merely composed an email.  Thank goodness.  Some people do amazing things while under the influence of that drug.  My favorite was when she referred to La Jolla as LaJolly.  I talked to her this morning and she remembers sending the email.  She also recalls that it made perfect sense to her at the time.  Hilarious!  It’s really fun when she calls me on the phone after taking Ambien.  She makes about as much sense as her LaJolly email.

Anyway…..there are times when my sister is humor challenged.  Like now.  Bitstrips on Facebook are hilarious avatars you can play with to create cartoons.   I made this one for her this morning, and she really doesn’t get it.  She does not understand random humor.  Poor thing.  If you want to take a crack at interpreting the cartoon for her, leave a comment.

barb elk

She really doesn’t get it.  I think it’s hilarious.  Elkaholism.  But by the time you explain jokes to my sister in the depth she seems to require, it’s no longer funny.  Not even a speck of funny.  I appreciate any help anyone can give me.


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18 responses to “Help My Sister With a Joke

  1. If someone doesn’t get a bit of humor, all the explanations in the world won’t help UNLESS it’s a language barrier. I always assumed Mia was American, but who knows? Maybe she’s German. (G insists that Germans are utterly lacking in sense of humor. If my dad’s family was any indication, G’s 100% right.)

  2. Sounds like you had a great holiday. I’m glad you and Mia had a gathering with Pam and her daughter. Now it’s time to get rid of this old year and move on to the new 2014..

  3. You are telling my secrets.

  4. Patty O'

    That cartoon is hilarious on many levels. Ambien = Alcohol. La Jolla = Yellowstone. Elk = vehicle for equating. Besides, Elk are always funny.

    Years ago SciFi author Robert Heinlein wrote a book entitled “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress”. In this book a giant computer achieves self-awareness. In its desire to approach a more “human” understanding it has to learn to understand and properly interpret HUMOR.

    Heinlein’s explanation made perfect sense to me: He separateed ALL jokes into one of 3 categories: ALWAYS FUNNY, NEVER FUNNY, and FUNNY ONCE. The first two are pretty self-evident. That final category is the most difficult but it is the one that separates the geniuses from the fools.

    But that won’t help Mia; if she doesn’t get random humor I fear you can make yourself nuts explaining, since all the funny leaks out while you are explaining, I don’t know if it helps or not, but I ROARED.

    • I think I have retired from explaining this stuff to Mia. Now that I think about it, I have never ever seen her balled up on the floor laughing so hard she was about to pee. She really doesn’t laugh like that. Certainly not about elk.

  5. Nope, jokes aren’t funny when you have to explain them. You are always funny tho. We understood the inability to party. That poor guy slowed Christmas for a lot of folks. Hugs to ya… can read more on my blog.

  6. Well, I think it’s funny. I don’t like putting antlers on your dog or cat, but a sister? Why not?

    Regarding all the boxes: Take a few things that you really don’t need or want any more (like the onesie?), put them into a box and bring it to your favorite charity. Fill another box with items for your local food bank.

    The hoarders I live with always intend to do that, but it doesn’t happen very often here. If we have extra boxes, I will use them to move.

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