Food Hoarding 101

Captain’s Log   5,930

So I was watching the program about coupon nutzoids the other night.  I just don’t get it.  It is such an obsession.  And then, where do you put all the stuff you supposedly get for free?  And then, think about the quality of the food you are buying to be stored in your hoarded cache for months and months.  Nothing fresh, I can guarantee you that.  90% of what those people use coupons for is stuff I would never eat.  Microwave mac and cheese?  Ramen?  Kids drinks loaded with sugar and preservatives?  I think not.  Anything that has a shelf life that long simply cannot be good for you.

Joyce has her own "mini warehouse" full of products

The light bulbs I can see.  But 12 cases of green beans?  What the hell?  Are they expecting the Prussian army for Thanksgiving?

And think about the space it takes in your house to store this stuff.  Some people have their caches in their garages.  No thanks.  I would never eat food stored in a garage (except maybe canned soup).  And that would all depend on how hot it gets inside the garage in the summer.  People in cold climates must store their food in heated garages.  If not a garage, then how about the guest room?  Truth be told, I would rather have friends come and stay with me than walk into my guest room to gaze at shelves of Country Time Lemonade mix and 800 rolls of toilet paper.  I’m funny that way.


True that!

I must confess, I store two cases of water on the floor in the guest room closet.  I don’t have room for them in the kitchen and I refuse to put them in the garage.   

I also buy the big packs of toilet paper (24 rolls), but I wait until I am almost out and buy ONE big pack to replace it.   Imagine that.  I have survived this way for years.

On the other hand, I cannot understand it when people go crazy when there is a storm approaching and they think they need food for a few days.  They rush out and buy six loaves of bread and 12 cases of water.  Don’t most people have at least 2 days worth of food in their homes?  What am I missing?  I could probably live a month on what is stored in two small cabinets in my kitchen.  Then again, I don’t have kids and I consider popcorn a gourmet meal.  I certainly know I wouldn’t panic if I couldn’t leave my house for two days.

So there it is.  Another puzzling human quirk that does not resonate with me.  I grew up in a very organized home.  Mom would organize her canned goods like little soldiers.  All labels facing the same way.  All in alphabetical order.  So I was given a taste of it, but I never did it myself when I grew up and moved out on my own.  I like knowing where things are in my house.  I put tools and things away immediately and wash my dishes every time I use them.  I wake up in the morning to a house that is ready to go, but I don’t go over the top.  This whole OCD thing with coupons is beyond my grasp.  Those people seem chained to their obsession and unable to cope in what most of us would consider the real world.  

And….I know for some it’s about money.  I get that.  I have known some very miserly people.  I don’t resonate with that either.  Another journal entry for that one.  Another time.


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