Bad Album Covers Revisited

Captain’s Log  5,901

It’s that time of year again!  Bad album covers!  YAY!  These are new since my searching around last year.  


There is so much wrong here on so many levels.  Everybody knows you can’t play the guitar when you hold a whip and a gun at the same time!  How stupid!



I bet Elna and Rigmor can really rip it up!  And those hats are right in style again.  Like mom always said, hang on to your stuff long enough and it will come around as hip and modern.



I have no words………….but they have hair!


album 96

No, that’s okay.  We don’t really want to know.  And put on some damn clothes!


album 36

He needs to hook up with Elna and Rigmor.  And see a dentist.


album 17

He can really blow his snake!


album 8

I guess the end times will be fraught with puppets and large stuffed animal mascots…..and whatever the lady is doing on the left side of the frame wearing that hooded dress thing.


album 22

Co-joined twins that sing harmony?


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