Ugly Nail Bling

Captain’s Log   5,880

I am so glad that I am still a quasi-musician.  It has certainly stopped me from entertaining the idea of doing something so truly awful.


Excuse me while I throw up in my mouth

duck nails 2

And this is supposed to be……………..???????????

duck nails 3

Beyond hideous!

I once watched a hand surgeon remove a nail from a co-worker who had injured herself badly when the acrylic got caught on something and peeled the whole thing back to the nail bed.  He lectured her about the danger of this very thing and strongly encouraged her to have them all removed.  Did she?  No.  The nail actually survived and as soon as it was long enough, she was back to doing the same thing.

Every now and then I get on a fingernail soapbox.  Like today, for example.  If you have these, STOP wearing them!  The injury is not worth it.


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