Freak Storm That I Missed

Captain’s Log   5,911

Friend Sally and I went to the movies yesterday afternoon to escape the heat.  I closed the administrative offices early because of the heat (about 103-104 in the offices).  

Sally and I didn’t care what we saw, we just wanted air conditioning.  

We saw a truly horrible movie that was such a rip off on the life of Elvis it wasn’t even funny – especially about the whole twin thing.  One twin became an Elvis-like superstar and the other twin was the impersonator.  Naturally, they did not know each other existed because they had been separated at birth.  One of those plot twists that fell flat.  


Truly stupid movie.  Critics gave it 5% on a 100% scale.  I think they do that as a courtesy for just having the film screening somewhere.  But….it was nice and cool and the seats reclined.  It was a lovely break from the heat.

Little did we know that while we were watching this train wreck of film, a freak storm came out of nowhere and pounded the living poop out of part of San Diego.  Part of eastern San Diego had been pummeled earlier in the day.  And then…..this.

The worst of the damage was basically my neighborhood.  I live about a mile from a small regional airport that suffered heavy property losses.  Fortunately, nobody was hurt.

ws 1

This plane was torn from its mooring line and tossed over the fence onto two parked cars.  How do you explain THAT one to your agent?

ws 4

This plane was tossed upside down after it tore free from its mooring line.  A total of six planes were considered a total loss.  Several buildings were destroyed.  One of my favorite restaurants at the airfield had all of its windows smashed and part of the roof blown off.  

ws 3

Lightning struck some palm trees.  I have never seen this happen before and I have lived in San Diego for 23 years now.  Freaky shit.

ws 2

No idea how many eucalyptus went down yesterday.  They can fall down if you just look at them, so you can imagine what a 75-mile wind can do.

I came home and my only damage was some wet carpeting in my office and guest room.  Since this was not expected or predicted, I left those windows open a bit like I do every day.  My friend who lives downtown (about 6 miles from here) said they didn’t get one gust of wind or one drop of rain.  This was a curious storm that dropped out of the sky and slapped a very small area upside the head.  

I lost power twice.  In between power failures, I watched as much news as I could.  I don’t believe anyone was injured.  Truly amazing.  Friend Pam called and said her next door neighbors had an enormous tree fall across their driveway and onto a van.  People had been outside near that tree just a few minutes before it went down.  But this storm came on so quickly that people ran for cover.  Good thing.

Sally and I had discussed the fact that the public libraries were completely filled with people trying to escape the heat.  Had we gone to my local library, we would have been right across the street from the airport where those planes were destroyed.  That would have been more adventure than I need right now.


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