15 Happy Things

Captain’s Log   5,918

I got this from good pal, Mage.  She is a dear and I am so delighted to have her in my life.

This is a meme.  Write down 15 things in 5 minutes that make you happy.  I might have the directions wrong but that’s okay.

Here we go….

1.   Writing/directing plays and musicals.

2.   Having friends come to visit me.

3.   Having a huge variety of books and magazines.

4.   My car that gets me where I need to go and doesn’t cost a fortune to own or fix.

5.   My family.

6.   Those who love and support me without conditions or restrictions.

7.    My lovely gardens and bird friends.

8.    Travel adventures.

9.    Sailing.

10.  Eating whatever I want for dinner because I can.

11.   Really nice tequila that can last me 5 years before I need another bottle.

12.  The many tokens. gifts, and funny things I have received from so many people over the years.

13.  The smell of lemon blossoms twice a year – just outside the door.

14.  Making amazing soap as a Zen exercise.

15.  No longer using television as my mindless “engagement” when tired and alone.

The challenge is on.  If you don’t blog, leave one thing in the comments.  Please?  Thank you.


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