Why I Don’t Drink Anymore

Captain’s Log    5,239

Another cold and heavy rain has started to fall.  It would be a fine day to call in sick and spend the day reading.  Heat up some soup later and enjoy that with cheese and crackers.  There is always Judge Judy for the afternoon break.

But alas….


That damn work ethic will get you every damn time!

At least my lemon tree has come back from near death.  The summer drought really compromised the poor thing.  Watering with the hose was NOT what the tree wanted.   It wanted RAIN.

Snow and rain is coming down so hard in northern California that flooding is already a hazard.  There is no moderation in California.  It either rains or it doesn’t.  They are predicting up to twenty FEET of snow in the high Sierras this winter.  Spring will be very interesting.  When I was up there two years ago, it was wildfires.  That’s what happens in the wilderness.  Every season has its hazard.  At least if I was up there now I wouldn’t have to worry about bears eating my Ritz crackers.


Everybody is talking about Meryl Streep’s epic take-down of Trump last night.  It was beyond brilliant.  I was so proud of her.  Naturally, his response is to call her “overrated.”  He then went on to say he wasn’t mocking the reporter.  He was displaying how the reporter was “groveling.”  Wow!  That horrible man has an excuse for everything.  I hope he lost sleep over Meryl.  I am guessing he did.  In my world, Trump would have been gone instantly after mocking that reporter.  That would have been it.  Over.  No more.  Go back to your tower and count your gold coins.


Gads.  Just…….GADS!


I have house guests coming in a few weeks.  Very exciting!  They are easy people to have around and are up for just about anything.  They came last year to escape the winter in Minnesota.  The winter is even worse this year so I’m sure they will love it even more.


Why I don’t live there anymore.

I am bartering a few days off when they are here.  We have weekend scheduling now that allows people to trade those days for regular days.  That’s my plan.  I will have a 4-day weekend to spend with them.  That’s probably all the time they can handle with me anyway, so it should work out well.

Off now to see where the building is leaking.  Off to listen to the griping and the whining too.  That’s always a Monday thing.  I always get an earful on Monday about something that isn’t working, something I am doing wrong, etc.  Without fail.  Glad I don’t drink.  I would be in serious trouble.


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4 responses to “Why I Don’t Drink Anymore

  1. I don’t drink because it’s too hard to mess with people’s heads if I’m not sober. 😉

  2. Allow me to be the first of many to point out that drinking is the answer to, not cause of, serious trouble.

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