Time For Virtues

Captain’s Log    5,238

Where have I been?  I certainly haven’t been writing here.  I’ve been writing grants, working on car shows, listening to my staff complainers carry on about insignificant problems, etc.  I am tired.  So very tired.  I realize that this team of complainers has never said one positive thing about anyone or anyone’s efforts the whole time they have been working at the museum.  Not one thing.  The only time they want to talk is when they want to bitch.

So it’s time to use some of my Virtues Project Communication Training on them.


I got credentialed in this course back in about 1995.  It’s not all about being holy, it’s a set of skills I learned to communicate POSITIVELY with people of all ages.

Next time this little posse comes into my office with their list of everything I do wrong, I am going to start the meeting like this.  “So, BLAH-NAME-BLAH, before we begin, I want to hear one positive thing from you about everyone sitting in this room.  It can be about them personally, about their work.  Anything.  And then on to the next person.  I will begin.”

At least I am going to give it a shot.

It’s amazing how this kind of bullshit can wear you down.  Some sort of deep sadness is driving them to behave the way they do, but I no longer have the energy or the desire to figure that out.  I simply don’t give a fuck about why they can be such turds.  I just want them to stop being turds.  I want them to get out of their own precious snowflake selves and look at the good we do when we work together.  But it might be too late.  There are years and years of anger seething here.  I can feel it.  I can hear it when they talk.  I did not install their anger buttons, but I certainly seem to push them effectively and consistently.

The upside of all of this is…..I am the boss and I get to decide who works at the museum.  I terminated a senior staff member two months ago and I am not afraid to do it again.  That termination came as a complete surprise to the posse.  They knew I was angry but they didn’t know HOW angry I can get.  Little fools.


This whole Trump thing has certainly taken the wind out of my sails too.  I am trying to stay a good fighter.  I am trying to thwart him as best I can.  But I just don’t know.  I have been having nightmares about him.  Bad nightmares.  This isn’t good either.


Trying to stay the course.  Giving myself permission to fail.


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16 responses to “Time For Virtues

  1. Negative emotions draw more negative emotions. It’s just the way it is. When more than two people in a company get into a negative spiral, it will eventually infect everyone else. Not a good environment to work in. (nor healthy, for that matter — stress kills, and negativity creates stress) As for Trump, did you ever consider that your dislike of him is affecting your attitude and it’s transferring to your workers?? Just a thought… if you’re having nightmares about him, it’s obvious you’re very upset about the situation.

    • poolagirl

      I have had a passive/aggressive staff the entire time. This is nothing new. And yes, the stress of Trump is affecting me personally.

  2. Our boss is having so many of the same problems. She took a long vacation, quit, but came back as the assistant manager. She still isn’t doing well with her reactions.

  3. Patty O'

    It will be interesting if any of them actually come up with something positive to say of it they are all struck dumb. Can you record the meeting? That would be interesting, too…

  4. annanotbob4

    Hugs xxx

  5. Penny Tushingham

    Being a boss is not a fun job. When you get your group together, after your positive comment, ask each one in the group why they continue to work there if it is so bad. Would be interesting to hear the answers.

    Pen Pen

  6. goatbarnwitch

    People can be so tiring… One reason I didn’t like being a boss. Of course I own my own business so I am the boss again but I am at the top of the food chain which makes it a tiny bit easier. I hope your people hear what you have to say in positivity.
    The Trump thing… nightmares here too.

  7. Console yourself with knowing you only have a little longer to deal with this. Maybe somehow through the mess you’ll be able to get through to one of the chronic complainers that their ongoing negativity is attracting negative things to them. I went through it myself for years and years – people told me for years and years, too, but it took that long for it to finally “click” for me.

    I’m sick at the prospect of Trump coming in, too, but I can’t do anything to prevent it. I’m doing my best to keep going, knowing that war is coming and knowing that it’s going to be horrendously ugly before it gets better. The sad part is, the Trumpkins still haven’t figured out they were conned. They probably won’t, either, until they’re led to the gallows.

    Sadder still, hubby assures me this same kind of political ineptitude and corruption is the status quo everywhere he’s been in his life. There’s no place better, but a lot that are worse. (Hard to fathom with Trump at the helm, but apparently true.)

    We can’t retroactively change the outcome of the election. We also can’t fight darkness with anger and negativity. We have to hold onto every drop of love, and every positive thought, that we can. It still means fighting for what’s right, but we have to be careful not to slide so far the other way that we become as mean and vindictive as those we’re fighting. I’m tired before even starting.

  8. I would not want your job.

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