Love the Prime

Captain’s Log    5,234

Amazon Prime is probably the most amazing invention on the planet.  I know many will disagree, and that’s fine.  But with a job like mine that cooks my tofu on a daily basis, the last thing I want to do is get in the damn car and go SHOPPING!  Anyone who knows me understands that.  I actually went shopping with Friend Pam the other night (good in-person coupons for Michael’s and Bed Bath & Beyond).  I almost died.  I hated it.  I found what I needed and wanted to leave immediately.  She was looking for a “fun” gift for a holiday exchange.  She was wandering around the store looking at un-fun things like portable clothing steamers (sorry, Pam).  I grabbed a 6-pack of locally-brewed beer and said, “Here.  Buy this.  It’s fun.  Let’s go.”  Nobody really wants a portable clothing steamer for Christmas, do they?  Do they?


So yeah!  What’s up with that?

Maybe I am just not impressed with crowds and jostling around.  Whatever the reason, I would rather shop with my computer.  The same stuff shows up on my doorstep 1-2 days later with free shipping.  I don’t have to lift a finger.


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18 responses to “Love the Prime

  1. Carrie Duff

    I love that I can get my daughter’s list from Amazon. So cool. My MOther was a true power shopper, could actually do it on her lunch break, but hey she could type 85 words a minute too. My Mother was AWESOME on every level!!!!! I never ever knew we were poor, in my mind we had everything we just had to be careful and it was ridiculous to spend outrageous amounts of money on prom dresses etc. But we always got new school clothes, went shopping, she made it fun. So I guess I love shopping or I used to —I no longer go, now that Momma’s gone. It’s just too sad for me to go wander through the stores without her. So here’s to Amazon.

  2. No one wants a portable steamer, but I will borrow yours to get the wrinkles out of my sofa. LOL

  3. I’m torn – I hate shopping – doubly so this time of year – but would like to support local businesses. I also want to support Target, considering the religious wrong advocating a boycott based on their support of the LGBT community. On top of that, most of my shopping the past couple of months has been done with cash, so….

  4. Sally Vangorkom

    Hey! I want that portable clothing steamer! I’ve wanted one of those for years. Anyway…I love shopping too. Vive la difference!!

  5. annanotbob4

    I hate shopping but I hate Amazon more. They pay no tax in the UK despite earning billions from undercutting almost every independent shop in the country, especially bookshops, which have now virtually all gone out of business. I know the government is also to blame for allowing these nefarious tax dodges to flourish, but it makes me mad. y=Yes, I have got a poxy kindle. Yes, I am a hypocrite. Living an ethical life is almost impossible these days. I won’t swear in your comments, but you know what I’m saying! x

  6. bholles

    I hate store shopping. Never go. Will have to go and get tax forms though.

  7. Amen to Amazon Prime — it’s the ONLY way to shop!!

  8. Penny Tushingham

    I agree. I shop all day long or people so I hate to go shopping. I do have a friend and we do a girl’s day out wandering specialty stores but it’s only once a year. I do like to support local businesses.

    Pen Pen

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