Wussies of Time

Captain’s Log    5,233

I was told that I over-reacted to the whole Time Magazine Person of the Year thing yesterday.  I was told they aren’t always in support of the person on the cover.

I don’t need a remedial course in journalism.  I GET that.  I also GET that it was an opportunity for Time to stand up and change the way they always do things.  If the President elect is always the Person of the Year, I don’t see the value in doing that.  If something is a given, it loses its importance.  That’s like saying, “The second film nominated for Best Picture always wins the Oscar.”

Time had an opportunity to make a huge statement.  Make that a yuuuuuggeee statement.  But they stayed the course.  They let the bastard win by giving him the most coveted cover of the year.

I stand by my belief on this.  It was cowardly.  Fuck tradition.  With Trump blowing tradition to smithereens, why should we stand by and reward the son-of-a-bitch with this kudos just because it’s always been done?  Wussies.


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28 responses to “Wussies of Time

  1. Susanna

    Dangerous, right wing crazy man, wants to continue his leading of the population into being little pawns in his mental illness game. Don’t read this…it’s bad. Read this…it’s good. Don’t ask questions that challenge me on anything…they are bad questions…ask about my family…that’s a good question. He is the first president that introduces HIS PEOPLE on screen during a press conference so they can ask GOOD questions and he can TEACH US about what is GOOD and what is BAD. It is getting so weird. When are they going to can his ass. This can’t go on for much longer. Big anti-Trump rally in Los Angeles later this month. I want to go.

  2. Not every person on the cover is a good person…http://content.time.com/time/interactive/0,31813,1681791,00.html

    I’m so sick of the aftermath of the election bc it seems worse than the actual election. There needs to be an amendment in place where we can dump the candidates and choose a new one. 😦

  3. LOL…You are doing good kid.

  4. goatbarnwitch

    I too was disgusted when I saw the Time issue. I gave Time magazine up eons ago because they too often ride the middle safe path so I don’t have a bone to pick with them so to speak. I do take offense at the fact that most news outlets are giving our Idiot Elect way too much press compared to others who have been choosing cabinet members. I know, because he is a nutcase but still, why give his ego what it wants?

  5. Jean Fisch

    Maybe Times did make a statement, just not the one u wanted.

    • poolagirl

      Of course it isn’t the one I wanted. He’s now threatening to curb freedom of the press. First amendment violations. A scary tearing away of freedoms we have counted on since 1791. They had a chance to stand up for freedom of the press, and they caved. That scares me. They did not have to automatically award this. In my opinion, they took the easy road. I thought they had more balls.

  6. The one and ONLY reason I think Time did the right thing is that our media absolutely must track this monster in office. He will unquestionably do things behind closed doors, so we need the media to expose every sordid detail that slips free – and I have no doubt there will be plenty of those, too.

  7. Carrie Duff

    I agree with you 10000%, Is there a percentage that big,,,,oh yes we are taking trump here – I do not give him the honor of a capitol “T”. Yes, I too do not need a lesson in grammar or in journalism. But one day, I agree on previous remarks, his huge ego will spill off the page and his slimy self will spill back into whatever boggy stench from whence he crawled —-. Did you ever notice how some people have a certain “look”. It’s like they are just waiting to morph into the devil incarnate. Yes the horns are peeking out! So glad I have a place to voice my opinion with out fear of reprisal. Thank you!!

  8. Joel

    It was pointed out that his head is in front of the M, it makes him look like he is wearing horns.

  9. Penny Tushingham

    I am focusing on CNNs Hero of the Year. A lot of great people doing great things! Very positive.

    Pen Pen

  10. farmgirl

    I agree with you. They had an opportunity to change how this is done and they caved. Just like so many did during his campaign and look what happened. He already has an immense ego. This just made that a thousand times bigger and being president? I cannot begin to fathom how that will play in his life for ever after. It is frightening.

  11. Valerie

    I do think that the way he was posed and the juxtaposition of the M in TIME appearing as horns or ears was not coincidental. I think there’s a subliminal message there. Having said that, I like Monica Lewinsky’s observation that TIME should have named Internet Trolls this year – they’be been here for awhile, but this year really brought out all if the crazies with their fake news, etc.

    • poolagirl

      I admit they got in a dig. And I am going to read it before I send it back and cancel my subscription. You opened up a can of worms on your FB page. Who is Anne Borduin?

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