Not Geared Up For the Party

Captain’s Log    5,230

It’s December Nights again in the park.  Gads!  Ugh!  Not fun for people who work in the museums!

Last year, we had 16,000 people come through our doors.  They are expecting 300,000 over the two nights.  It’s so crowded you can’t see anything.  You cannot move freely.


Does this look like fun to you?

And all the rides and greasy, awful food stands go up right in front of our museum.  So we get to smell the disgusting grease from places like this.


Massive gag attack.


And the chintzy rides!  Nothing says Merry Christmas like twirling around on a ride operated by a toothless ex-felon with tears tattooed on his face.  I don’t like carnies very much.  Sorry.

I will be leaving in several hours for this fun fest.  More tomorrow.


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18 responses to “Not Geared Up For the Party

  1. Somehow, the current adiirmstnation has managed to reduce my trust of the Feds below what Nixon, Carter & Clinton have already done. We are a nation currently run by organized criminals.

  2. Wow… whose idea was it to have carnival type stuff in the park during Christmas Prado time??? Isn’t the yearly county fair enough of that??? I think it cheapens the reputation of the park. I can’t see how or why they ever approved something this tacky to be exhibited in Balboa Park. So much for class.

  3. Today you are the star of my blog.

  4. goatbarnwitch

    I understand your feelings about the event… what exactly does a carnival have to do with the holidays…. just sayin

  5. Joanie

    Loved the part about the toothless tattooed felon. The only way it could be more tacky is if Donald Trump was playing Santa Claus. I, too, miss the good old days.

  6. I too went to that first Christmas on the Prado. It was charming. Now I arrive early….eat what every you give us, and this year I will be warm and loved inside. 🙂 See you tomorrow.

  7. Patty O'

    I well remember the very first Christmas on the Prado. It was sparsely attended because it was new so the crowd was PERFECT. There was an elderly English gentleman at the Museum of Man reading “Paddington Bear” allowed to entranced children and the ladies of the Historical Society baked way too much gingerbread that we bought as we were leaving so we could take some home for Grandma and Grandpa and more for us to share for breakfast the next day. It was soo lovely then; no rides, no carnies, no crush – just families strolling to the sound of carols and laugher. Sigh…

  8. poundheadhere

    You have my deepest sympathy. Just keep reminding yourself it isn’t forever. It only feels like it. You will be able to retire sooner or later and escape.

  9. bholles

    Maybe this year will be fun.

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