Trump Would Like This Religion

Captain’s Log    5,229

I watched the A&E special series on Scientology last night.  Once again, I found the whole thing terrifying.  And the more I considered it, the more parallels I drew between Mr. Hubbard and Trump.  They both wanted to dupe the people so they just made up a bunch of stupid shit.  And people believed them.  It worked for Hubbard and it’s definitely working for Trump.  It’s all about frightening people so you can control them.

Scientology houses its global headquarters in Hemet, CA.  Located about 60 miles north of San Diego, it covers a sprawling 520 acres.  It has a full movie studio on campus, several castles for high-end visitors (i.e. Tom Cruise) to use,  plus many other things…..including Hubbard’s famous Sea Org group.  The Sea Organization is a religious order for the Scientology religion and is composed of the singularly most dedicated Scientologists—individuals who have committed their lives to the volunteer service of their religion. The Sea Organization is a fraternal religious order and is not incorporated. Members of the Sea Organization are therefore wholly responsible to the Church of Scientology to which they are assigned and are responsible, as are all other staff, to officers and directors of that Church.  When they are accepted, they sign a billion-year contract to serve the church.

Now….here’s the interesting part.  Hemet is also used as a discipline facility to get any wrong-doers back on track.  Some people might say “prison.”  I would agree with those people.  Some have actually managed to escape from the movement, and the stories they tell about the Hemet facility are beyond horrendous.

All 520 acres are surrounded by fencing with barbed wire and other deterrents.  They are more designed to keep people IN than to keep people OUT.  Kinda like a prison.  An undercover reporter for the LA Times got this photo of the perimeter fence a few years ago.


Inside the compound is on the left.  Outside is on the right.  Get the idea?

I have to say, with Trump looming on the horizon as our next President, I also see our country falling into rule by fear.  People who are deemed unpatriotic will be stripped of their citizenship?  WTF?  If that madman is allowed to pursue his delusions, people WILL be locked up for disagreeing.  People WILL be registered for their ethnicity and/or religious beliefs.  It’s all in the cards, yet so many people want to give this maniac a “chance” to make good on his promises.  He hasn’t ever kept a promise in his entire life, so why should he start now?

Scientology….Donald Trump….Adolf Hitler.  WAY too many things in common for me to feel at all comfortable in my own skin.  We are headed for very dark times.


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23 responses to “Trump Would Like This Religion

  1. Was this Leah Remini’s show about why she left it? I couldn’t stop watching…

  2. Susanna

    I Googled, it said the Electoral College can use the 25th amendment section 4 to declare Trump unfit..And he is absolutely unfit to be President. Seems like his own party has to lead this action.

    • poolagirl

      They won’t. He will destroy them if the try to stop him.

      • Susanna

        I agree. They won’t and he would. I had a Trumpie fix my faucet this morning and he launched into the Illuminati theory about Hillary, the Bushes and all the big bankers. Said Wilson signed a bill back then that gave the power to the bankers. On his death bed he said, I have ruined my country. Must go on the conspiracy sites and get more on that one.

    • poundheadhere

      Aside the fact that the Fourth Reich is not going to react well to anyone who tries to oust Herr Trump, he was apparently the best they had to offer. Which means, if not him, in theory we could get someone even worse.

  3. Susanna

    I don’t get it. How can we read his tweets about tossing us in jail for this and that and still let him be the President?. Where are the Impeach Trump before he gets elected gang? Where is something I can sign? Why isn’t someone doing something?.I keep is the day something will happen but I don’t know what it is that needs to happen to keep in OUT of the White house? Help!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I’ll Google…How to keep Trump from becoming President and see what comes up!!!!!!!!.

  4. Patty O'


  5. farmgirl

    I wonder if this time was coming. If it was inevitable, and the president elect is the catalyst. I wonder if this is a time for all of us to take stock…of our own prejudices, and speaking for myself, for having my head in the sand about racism and just how deep rooted it is. I have always known racism of all sorts was out there, but, I just thought it wasn’t as big as I thought, nor as important. Maybe in my own way I have lived in my own “white privilege” and didn’t realize it. Because I know this whole thing has awakened me to what is probably the real world. And it scares the shit out of me. And I believe with all my heart that it’s time racism of any kind ends. Is that a reality? Maybe not. But unless we strive for that, it won’t happen. We cannot allow this administration and all those he is choosing to run our country, win. If laws need changing then by god it’s time we become involved and not close the door on our house, leaving it to the rest of them. We can no longer just sit and vote every 4 years then go about our business and hope lawmakers keep our little world okay and not raise taxes or anything that might inconvenience me. Now is the time we HAVE to pay attention to our local and state government and who is running it. And we DO have to take a stand against all the awful Mr. you-know-who stands for. I believe this change in our history is happening for a reason. I am taking the blinders off. And I will be damned if “HE” is going to win when all this is said and done and he goes back to his ivory tower. He is NOT going to do that and leave us in ruins.

  6. goatbarnwitch

    Pick a narcissistic dictator and you will find a mirror on Trump. The thing that kills me is that all the talk about blowing the establishment out of government and he appoints the worst of the worst in terms of human rights, self interest, and downright ignorance. Scarier still is that those who voted for him won’t look at those realities just as they couldn’t see what they were buying into during the campaign.

  7. Very interestingly, the old guard is coming out of the woodwork. One lady who buys books from me, whispers trumps name from behind her hand. When I tell her that I was on one of Nixon’s bad guy lists, she becomes delightfully expansive. Her father had a picture of “nixon” in his office and she was totally apalled. We laughed together.

    Do you read Schmidly: Now there’s a good brain.

    And Tabor:

    They give me such hope. Did you view the anti-Schientology PBS film? I have recorded it.

    Hugs…and I am dressing warm.

  8. I saw war coming before anyone except the Simpsons and Back to the Future saw Trump in the Oval Office. Now that he’s our president elect, war is a certainty. Truth be told, it’s already begun – in our inner cities, in North Dakota, and everywhere the government has decreed open season on our citizens. The citizens are beginning to fight back, and it will only escalate. Expect it from outside, as well. He’s aligned himself with our enemies, and doing all he can to further alienate the Islamic extremists who already loath us on principle.

    The last war on US soil, other than the attack at Pearl Harbor, was the Civil War. We’ve been fortunate – until now.

    As I said on my own blog, I truly believe that Trump is Hitler reincarnated. The dates would align, the appearance is similar (though that isn’t always significant). Mostly, however, the same rotted core of hatred seethes through Trump as through Hitler. And the same atrocious rhetoric is being taken nearly verbatim from 1930’s Germany.

  9. Patty O'

    You forgot one. Every time T lifts his chin an d yells his lies my eyes lose focus and I see and hear Benito Mussolini. But I also remember how he ended up and am comforted.

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