Remembering Kennedy

Captain’s Log    5,226

I often wonder how different our world would be now if he had lived.

PX 65-105:179


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20 responses to “Remembering Kennedy

  1. Carol Westover

    You’re not alone — I remained hopeful that someone like Kennedy would come in from the outer wings and throw his name in the ring for President. Kennedy was a hero… but it comes to mind that he was also a philanderer, like so many other presidents who’ve filled that position. Why can’t men have morals and serve as President at the same time?

  2. Carrie Duff

    Something to ponder……

  3. Sally Vangorkom

    Despite his peccadillos, he remains my favorite President. Not just because he was in office when I was born, but because he was so inherently inspirational and inspiring. A heartbreaking, tragic loss. I hoe he rests in peace.

  4. Patty O'

    I have always thought of this as Loss of Innocence Day; from then on we all had to be strong in the face of evil, in the face of conflict, in the face of suffering. I still wonder, too. I am thinking about him today and also about our First Lady, who bore her grief with such dignity and set the example for all of us who were in despair.

  5. Just a guess:

    We would have pulled out of Vietnam during his tenure. He would have served two terms.

    Richard Nixon, then, would not have been able to campaign on the promise to end the Vietnam war, and so probably would have lost. As a result of that, Dick Cheney – then a back bench congressman from AZ – would not have watched the Watergate fiasco. It was that fiasco which convinced him (and he was the only one to argue this at that time) that “anything the President does is de facto legal”.

    Cheney, then, might not have had that mindset when he became vice president and used his office to greatly expand the powers of the Executive Branch using that very same argument. Which probably would have meant a completely different response to 9/11, had it happened at all.

    With no unilateral decision to invade Iraq and subsequent insurgency, there would have been no “stay the course” second term for Bush Jr. Without that, the deregulation of the banking and housing industries that led directly to the global collapse of 2007/2008 would have been averted. So: no jihadist backlash against the US from a Middle East pointless bloodbath, and no mass unemployment, housing evictions, etc., on the home front.

    Oh – and Kennedy would have fucked even MORE women who weren’t Jackie O. You take the good with the bad….


    • It just struck me, speaking of “good with the bad”…Kennedy was not wont to move quickly on Civil Rights legislation. He was dragging his feet right up to his assassination, and all indications are he probably would have continued to do so for quite some time. One of the best things about him getting that hole in his head was Johnson really pushing that through. Although the flip side of that is the fact that that’s what started the infamous “Southern Strategy”, which the Trump team followed almost to a “T” to great success. The bastards.

    • poolagirl

      I would have gladly taken that!

  6. Valerie

    I find myself wondering what might have been if Joe Biden had run. From Scranton and a working class background – maybe he could have win more if the blue collar vote. Oh well, no Monday morning quarterbacking. On an exciting note, I’m hoping that I will be there on Jan 21st to join the NYC Women’s March up to Trump Tower!

  7. I would hope that it would be different. Then again, I am optimistic…I have hope. We defeated Nixon, who was pure evil, and we got rid of McCarthy. He was a commonplace drunk with goals above his alcohol level. We can get T too.

  8. He’d have been destroyed by the GOP, as with all Dems

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