Frank Arrives in Less Than 12 Hours

Captain’s Log    5,220

Frank the Drummer arrives tonight!  I am so very excited to see him again!

Friday will be a play day with Frank and his son, Osten.


Osten is a fine young man who really does NOT look like a serial killer.  I caught him in a surprised moment.

A Friday play day is exactly what I need.  My last Friday off was spent cleaning the house.  Not this time.


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16 responses to “Frank Arrives in Less Than 12 Hours

  1. goatbarnwitch

    Enjoy your time with your friend… as for the young man, I think he looks like he just spotted his first… UFO……ghost……

  2. I don’t know frank, do I? Say hi anyway. What fun.

  3. Patty O'

    He doesn’t look like a derail killer but he also doesn’t look like a good chaperone. Perhaps a bad influence, but that just means MORE FUN !

  4. Carrie Carr

    Yippeeeeeeeeeee yahhhhhhhhhhoooioiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    Have oooooo so much fun!!!

  5. bholles

    You and Frank have lots of fun.

  6. Penny Tushingham

    I am sure you will have a great visit and as you can see, I got this one.

    Pen Pen

  7. Joel

    Say hi to Frank for me.

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