Chillary With Hillary

Captain’s Log    5,214

The new exhibit is up.  It took a lot of work this time but it really paid off.  Wagons….Weekend Warriors.

This is my pick of the litter.


What a gorgeous Studebaker!  The color is what will make this one go pop pop pop.

When I left at 5:30 yesterday, the place was still in disarray.  I got a text at 9:00 telling me it was all in order.  I will post a photo tomorrow of the finished product.

I made a mistake eating a piece of Costco cheese pizza last night.  Gads!  What a greasy mess!  If I never do that again it will be too soon.  It didn’t make me sick… made me feel like I was slogging through a bog.  Well, not ME slogging.  It was more like my stomach was slogging.

You know you’ve eaten too much grease when all you crave is fresh fruit.  ANYTHING to cut the grease.  I got up at midnight and ate a pear, and the sloggy stuff stopped immediately.  Maybe Costco should serve their greasy pizza with a side of pears.  I have lots of great ideas I should share with them.

Does Costco still sell books?  They used to have a HUGE display.  I didn’t see any books last night.  Then again, I wasn’t exactly looking.


I love my new Hillary action figure.  We discussed foreign policy over juice this morning.  It was quite pleasant.



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16 responses to “Chillary With Hillary

  1. Susanna

    I think Hillary is handling the Donald very well. He is one ugly dude. Scary how he said he’d put her in jail if he got elected. He isn’t going to win the election but this is the first time in our history we are listening to a real live Dictator…Nazi…Bad Bad Dude. So…I love the Hillary doll and may get one to put next to my little how to train your dragon guy…forget his name.

  2. What does Heinous think of her? Is he smitten?

  3. Joanie

    Hillary needs some highlights!

  4. Tooo much fun! LOL But I dearly love seeing those old cars in such immaculate, like-new condition. Nice…

  5. Patty O'

    You can carry her in a pocket for a lucky talisman!

  6. bholles

    You are having so much fun with Hillary,.

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