When You’re Smiling!

Captain’s Log     5,212

How funny!  I found something interesting in my spam filter here.  It was a comment from an Illuminati group that actually takes themselves seriously!  They invited me to consider re-thinking how I poked fun with my hat/robe deal that gathered together 30 of my friends who agreed to participate in the joyful harmlessness.  They were nice enough but they didn’t really think alluding to the Queen of England as a possible masturbating monarch was very funny.

It was hilarious!

I was contacted one other time by a photographer who claimed ownership of a photo I posted of horse teeth.  He demanded I remove it from my site.  I had no idea people who photograph horse teeth could be so sensitive.  My question is this.  If your horse teeth photos are so important, why did you post them online without a watermark?

Just for that, I am going to post a different picture of horse teeth.



There is an actual word for horse smiling but I don’t know what it is.  And I don’t care enough to actually Google it.

The 19-day stretch of work is winding down.  Five more to go and I get a 4-day weekend!  I am so excited!  Friend Pam has a family member who gets free passes to…….


Disneyland!  Yay!

We are going next Monday.  She has park hopper passes!  I have never been to California Adventure, so this will be quite fun.

We are changing out our exhibit this week.  Best day ever!  It’s like putting on a whole new theatre experience.  I love it!


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10 responses to “When You’re Smiling!

  1. Susanna

    We had a station wagon growing up. My sister and I would slink down in the seats not wanting to be seen in the old station wagon…wish I had it today. It would be worth a nice bundle of thousand dollar bills.

  2. Hope you have a great time at Disneyland! Sounds like the perfect way to treat yourself after such a long period of work days.

  3. Patty O'

    Re: The “serious” Illuminati – HILARIOUS
    Tne horse teeth guy – creepy!

    I LOVE that you look forward to and thoroughly enjoy the exhibit change outs. A lot of work? Of course. But SO MUCH FUN both in the planning and the doing. I always thought the most fun I had as a retailer was the decorating of the shop and especially the changing of the windows. I had two large storefront windows with raised platforms on the bottom. I also had back-set beams across the framing of the inset door and walls on the inside. That allowed me to use all the vertical space, too, and there was a system of white cup hooks spaced across those beams that allowed me to use miles of monofilament line to suspend all kinds of things. I changed those windows every month and for 12 years there were never two windows that were exactly the same, although there were decorative elements that my customers watched for every year because they loved them. What was funniest was that with my door open I could hear what people were saying outside the shop while I was climbing in the windows, a position that left my knees on eye level for passersby. Favorite remark ever: “Oh! New window time.” “Yes, she’s such a lovely girl, don’t you think?” “Yes, but she has fat legs.” Ha!

  4. Funny how sensitive people can be to things. I post my photos online all the time and don’t mind if people use them (as long as they give me credit). But once it’s out there — how am I to know when someone’s using my photos?? Personally, I have better things to do with my time than to whine about someone using my photo. ::)

  5. goatbarnwitch

    Park hopping sounds like a great way to celebrate the end of a long work run!! What is the new exhibit or is it top secret like the illuminati?

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