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This is all.  Nothing more needs to be said today.





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18 responses to “She Was PREPARED!

  1. Has anyone read “Crisis of Character” by Gary J. Byrne? He’s an ex-Special Agent from the White House whose post was outside the Oval Room in the White House duing the Clinton administration.

  2. That was beautifully handled. I’m glad that Trump wasn’t reined in because this gave everyone a chance to see him at his worst. lol

  3. Carrie Duff

    I would have been happier if there was more LISTENING, LESS TALKING AT THE SAME TIME.. Does no one do that anymore? And yes the Moderator is supposed to moderate, apparently they were not informed on this point. I am tired of politics can we vote now so I can go to CostaRica because I am terribly afraid that the fix is already in and the idiot will win. Because you cannot fix stupid and there are many. many people in that category who actually like him

  4. Patty O'

    I was not happy Holt let Trump rant in the beginning except that it showed that the “kinder” Donald was still the rude bully he has always been. At the end I was delighted because he made a real ass of himself and gave HRC the opportunity to shoot a zinger from the high ground. (And kudos to whomever came up with “Trumpted up Trickle down”!

  5. Susanna

    It was a good night for Hillary. I think the moderator should have reigned in Trump when he went on his rants. That was his job and he was way too lenient. Otherwise it was as bad as I hoped it would be for Trump. He is not going to win this one!

  6. I was very impressed with Hilary. She WAS prepared, dignified,and informative. I thought she got some “strikes” back by using his words against him. I thought she did very well in not losing her temper with the bully who constantly talked over her or make smart remarks while she was speaking. I just wish his mic would have been turned off while it was her turn to have her 2 minutes to speak. He is the most arrogant and rude person. I can’t imagine how he would be able to have a favorite discussion with any world leader and get a positive result.

  7. You know what I’m covering this morning? “Sniffle-gate”. Trump had the sniffles during the debate, which of course is no big deal. Maybe he had a cold, maybe allergies. Maybe he just needed to blow his nose and didn’t want to lay out a big honker on camera. But when asked about it this morning he said, “I didn’t have the sniffles. It was the microphone making that noise. I had a bad microphone.”

    Why he would need to lie about that – and it was a lie – is both beyond me, and emblematic of his campaign.

    But you know what’s funny? NONE of that matters. Not Hillary being prepared, not Donald lying about something that he’s SEEN ON CAMERA DOING IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE NATION, not claiming he didn’t say climate change was a plot by those slanty eyed Chink who want our jobs. If his supporters stuck with him through all his past instances of proven lunacy and shifting positions, this sure ain’t gonna dissuade them. No matter how presidential HRC proves herself to be by comparison.

    One final note: even if HRC is elected, we’re still doomed. Control of the legislative branch is pretty much certain to be firmly in the hands of conservative Repubs for the remainder of the decade because of their intense (and successful) gerrymandering of state districts since the Black Guy took office in ’08. It’s like the Southern Strategy they used to employ, but high tech and nation-wide now. An adjunct: more states attorneys general are now conservative repubs than ever before, and they’re starting to band together to file suits against federal agency decisions they deem “anti-business”.

    In cheerful news….sorry, don’t got none.

    Oh wait, I do! I still love you 🙂

  8. bholles

    She did a great job.

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