Hugging Levar Burton, Etc.

Captain’s Log    5,208

Random photos from the archives……


Hugging Levar Burton

He stopped by the museum a few years ago to film some promo stuff for Reading Rainbow.  He wanted to sit in an old car and talk about literacy.  And he did.

He is so very kind.

He is also short.

big butt

A life-size cow sculpted from butter!

I think the artist’s yellow sweater just adds to the festive mood of the picture.  This was done in Minnesota.  Where else do they do stuff like this?

bar harbor

Bar Harbor, Maine.  I was there in May.

I expected to see Angela Lansbury walking down the street.  Perhaps with a bucket on her head.

portland maine full

Portland, Maine.

I like Maine.  I was there two years ago to see the fall color explosion.


You mean there might be people who DON’T do this?

hat 2

Ill-fitting hard hat


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14 responses to “Hugging Levar Burton, Etc.

  1. Susanna

    Here, there and everywhere. Love the pictures.

  2. I love your pictures. Passionately. Librocubicularistly.
    Like the vest too.

  3. Carrie Duff

    Seems like all of the hotties are short haha!!
    Love that cow!

  4. Patty O'

    That was FUN!

  5. Carol

    Wow… how cool is that?? I used to watch him with the kids… I thought he might be short, but never knew for sure. Thanks for these photos — and the one of Portland looks more like a painting than a photo…nice!

  6. bholles

    Nice post today.

  7. A random collection of photos requires a random comment. Wish I was there!

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