My Good Friends

Captain’s Log    5,206

Mage and George came over for dinner yesterday.  In addition to great Mexican take-out and strawberry shortcake made with real whipped cream, the conversations and laughter made for an amazing evening.  In addition, they are really wise people.  It’s nice to bask in wisdom every now and then.

They brought over a really cool Illuminati cat teapot.  It will live in a place of honor in my home.


Kitty with a pentagram.  Should we be afraid?


How is this for yum?  Lots more berries under all that whipped cream.

Mage really enjoys my art gallery house.  She calls it a real charmer.  I’ll take it.  I don’t think she means the word “charmer” the way real estate agents do.  I think real estate agents use that word to mean “cute but going to fall apart any day now.”

The solar twinkle lights came on just after sunset.  Those make the patio even more magical.  It’s good to have friends.


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8 responses to “My Good Friends

  1. Susanna

    Sounds lovely. And a non-allergic kitty for you.

  2. Carol

    And Mage and George are the best ever of friends!

  3. Patty O'

    Good friends are treasure and wise friends are pure gold. And they also choose their own friends carefully. I’m glad you all found one another,

  4. bholles

    Sounds like you had fun with your wise friends.

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