Goodbye Kitty…..Please

Captain’s Log    5,195

The neighborhood stray wants to live with me.


Oh dear.  I cannot have him insisting on this love affair.  He followed me into the garage when I got home yesterday.  He “helped” me take out the trash last night and smooshed himself all over my pants.  He sits on my patio table and looks at me through the window.

Oh dear.



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14 responses to “Goodbye Kitty…..Please

  1. Susanna

    He is a beautiful cat. Have you tried shots?

  2. You might be able to spray the cat with water and make it go away. If you know the owners, can you tell them that you are allergic to cats and see if they will keep the cat at home? Besides, I thought it was against the law to let cats run free.

    • poolagirl

      I have turned the hose on this guy. To no avail. I have no idea where he belongs. Cats roam free all over the place here. Coyote buffet.

  3. Carl — the neighbor’s cat that I share with her — will come over onto our deck (up a flight of stairs) and rub against the screen door to get my attention. When I turn to look at him, he’ll just stare at me with those deer-in-the-headlights look, “willing” me to get up and go to the other doorway to let him in. LOL I haven’t tried to ignore him yet, to see what he will do, but he’s definitely one addictive cat.

  4. Awwww. As an animal lover this hurts my heart. Is he a neighborhood cat or a stray? If a stray, maybe a no kill cat rescue can pick him up and put him up for adoption? He doesn’t seem feral and he’s very cute.

  5. Patty O'

    Oh dear. It is part of the contrariness of cats that they will often pick humans who are not fond of cats…and then drive them insane. I am NOT a cat person. I’m a dog person, and a BIG dog person to boot. I do not want any animal around that can get tangled in my feet and knock me down. Be strong, be very, very strong!

  6. Carrie Duff

    Are you allergic? He is so cute and looks like he needs you??!!

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