Moral Grounding

Captain’s Log   5,194

Today is a big day.  For some reason, the guy who set up my sister’s iPhone decided to use my ID, and now I can see everything she does because we are sharing an account.  It’s called “sharing” or “ghosting.”  It was never supposed to happen, and it’s annoying for both of us.  This problem is going to be fixed today!

Last time I let a techie work with my phone, he lost about 300 contacts from my address book.  Can you guess who was not happy?  Oh, come on!  Guess!  I have my entire personal AND business life in my phone, so whatever they do today has to be done correctly.  I’m very tech savvy but not when it comes to something like unghosting a phone.

Are the Olympics over yet?  I’m kind of done with them.  I did like to watch the two women runners who collided help each other finish the race.  And, because they tripped, they get to move on to the next round.  Not sure if that is good or not.  One of them looked like she really hurt herself.

I also liked the lady who pulled out of the equestrian events because she thought her horse was feeling sick.  Good for her.  Humane treatment of animals.  What a concept.

I guess I am attracted to people who do the right thing even if it means they will lose.  We have all heard the story about the guy who keeled over during the bar exam.  Nobody helped him.  To leave their seats would have disqualified them, so he laid on the floor unattended.

There is something so inherently noble about doing the right thing. I wonder why people are so afraid of doing that.  I am not saying that we all need to go out there and be heroic.  But we do need to go out there and be moral.


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23 responses to “Moral Grounding

  1. You do have to post often to keep your readers reading. 🙂 Thanks for the note. Yes, we had fun, and yes we are enjoying today too. The lighthouse will be open the next three days if you are feeling brave. 🙂

  2. farmgirl

    I heard an interview with a woman whose nephew was scalded very badly by the mother, her sister, for disobeying. This “woman” knew what was going on but did nothing to stop it because, as she put it, “It was none of her business how her sister disciplined her child”. NONE OF HER BUSINESS. I went ballistic. And cried. And wondered what I could do. It made me so angry! Yes there are times we need to step down when something isn’t our business. A child being SCALDED by their mother is everyone’s business and if anyone disagrees with me on that, feel free to contact me and we will….chat. This “woman” did not want to lose her relationship with her sister. That’s what she said. At the expense of a child. Oh gosh. It still gets me completely riled up years later. So yeah. It was nice to see someone just doing the right thing. No matter the outcome.

  3. I posted a Dan Rather article to facebook this afternoon. He talks about the right thing, and refers us to an article on VOX.

  4. goatbarnwitch

    The American had to drop out since she has a major knee injury. Sportsmanship is just what happened with those women on that track (no I don’t have TV or the time to watch but I am interested in the stories like this one). There are the good moments of sportsmanship and then there are the shameful moments like the ridiculous social media attack on Gabby Douglas and her hair.
    Honorable is such a rare trait anymore
    Good luck with the phone issue!

  5. I don’t have a smart phone but the thought that I would share my personal life with a relative (close or not) is not a good thought! Hope your problem gets fixed today without losing any of your information.

  6. Carrie Duff

    What you said applause, applausr

  7. Electrical grounding is even more important. Not to be negative….

  8. Yes, I thought the two women helping each other was a great testament to the goodness of our world. I so wish our politicians and world leaders would do the same….My! What a concept! I haven’t watched much of the Olympics either. Just some of the highlights on national news mostly. Hope your phone issues are fixed very soon.

  9. bholles

    Lets hope for the best today with Apple.

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