I Wish We Had This Candidate

Captain’s Log    5,189

I wish she was running for President.


But she is too precious to be reviled and smeared.  She has done her part to support our president and raise two lovely children under constant public scrutiny.  She deserves her life back.  Thank you, Michelle!

Then again, politics is one giant game.  It has been for years.  I play it on such a small scale with my job when I deal with the park, the city, the constant critics who find absolutely nothing good to say.  I don’t know how anyone could do it on a national level.

She brought the house down in Philadelphia last night – going back to the core values of why we need to work together.  United we stand…..divided we fall.


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20 responses to “I Wish We Had This Candidate

  1. Patty O'

    There is no substitute for style, grace, and substance.

  2. Carrie Duff

    $10.00 says she runs for the office when her girls are grown……., just saying and she will WIN, well one can dream!!

  3. She is truly a class act.

  4. goatbarnwitch

    She gave a fantastic and classy presentation of what is really important. We have been very very lucky to have such gracious leaders in the white house

  5. No matter who wins come November, I’ll be supportive of them, although I will be disappointed that Sanders didn’t get the nod. I knew that he was being ignored by the media but had no idea the DNC was also shunning him. Makes my blood boil… It’s like the rights or opinions of the people don’t matter. Payback is a reality and it will come to those who abuse other’s rights.

    • poolagirl

      I totally get that. But I will still do whatever it takes to keep Mr. Cheeto-Face out of the White House.

      • Oh Amen! He has the attention span of a 2 year old. I read an interview earlier tonight (last night?? — just looked at the clock on my computer … gads) anyway, the interview was with a Washington Post reporter. Totally space-case… scary and (pardon my French) Bat-shit crazy!

  6. Valerie

    You said it!

  7. No matter who wins in November (please, please let it be Hillary), the White House will not be the same. We have been blessed with 8 years of intelligence, elegance, class and an example of what “family values” really means. I will miss all of them so much.

  8. Sally Vangorkom

    Me too!

  9. I think she is so great.

  10. Penny Tushingham

    Her speech and her message will go down in history.

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