One More Bucket List Thing

Captain’s Log    5,188

To satisfy my curious nature, I traveled down to Comic Con with Friend Pam on Saturday.  I had never seen it.  I was anxious to find out what all the hoopla is about.  I was overwhelmed.

Just getting off the trolley was an event.

cross street

Once we got off the trolley, it took us about 30 minutes to cross the street.

I am not fond of crowds, so this was not the ideal thing for me.  I loved seeing all the people, but the crush was too much.  And there wasn’t anyplace to go to escape it.  Lines everywhere.  Lines to get on a bus.  Lines to cross the street.  Lines.  Lines.

I had wanted to meet up with George and Mage, but they were already heading home.  We did manage to find Friend Pam’s niece who was a Sharknado girl.  I have no idea what Sharknado is, but she looked great.

I don’t know what 99% of Comic Con is all about.  I only watch Game of Thrones.  I did see Jon Snow wandering around.  And lots of women dressed as Kahleesi.  There was an abundance of Spider Man and Wonder Woman.  And…I recognized Peter Pan.

My friend, Lyn, is a master costumer.  She makes costumes every year for her husband, her daughter, and herself.  Always a different outfit for each day.  This year, she won two ribbons from the Costume Guild for her work.  Both her daughter and her husband had photos taken that are now posted on Rotten Tomatoes, Getty Images, and in some online publication from the UK.  Very impressive.

jon pos

Jon (Lyn’s husband) as King Neptune.  This one appeared in the UK online publication.

I appreciate the passion and dedication it takes for Comic Con.  I also appreciate the fact that I just don’t have it.  And I also appreciate that I went to see it for myself.  It’s a bucket list thing that I have now done.

I am not a comics fan.  I do not read science fiction.  I watched Dr. Who a few times.   I was a duck out of water.  But I am still glad I went.  But I highly doubt that I would ever go back.  There were 170,000 people attending and probably another 100,000 people watchers like me.  WAY too many people.

And so it is.


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12 responses to “One More Bucket List Thing

  1. OMG…. I wouldn’t have made it — I would have succumbed to claustrophobia in a NY City minute. Far too many people… I’ll watch from afar via Mage and George’s beautiful photos. I can live without actually BEING there in that crust of humanity. Thank YOU for going and for posting. Photos of your friends costumes would be nice too!

  2. bholles

    Glad you went. Now I dont have to check it out.

  3. So very sorry we missed you, but we were amazed you came at all. Bravo. We get there very early, and the crush isn’t bad. Inside, we are there before the doors open so we have breathing room….then the doors open. LOL We had a great time. Yes, we were open mouthed that you came at all. We love ya. Yes, very nice makeup.

  4. Joel Anderson

    I went the first year before it caught on. I had fun seeing the costumes, would love to go again, however to many people.

  5. Penny Tushingham

    I would have called it quits when I discovered it took 30 minutes to cross the street. Way, way too many people!

    Pen Pen

    • poolagirl

      I was determined. All that effort resulted in talking to the Sharknado for 10 minutes and Lyn & Jon for another 20.

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