Beyond a Comb-Over

Captain’s Log    5,186

This defies description.  It just does.  How on earth can this be happening?  How can someone with such weird hair be taken seriously?  I mean…..seriously.

trump hair 2

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump leaves the podium after a speech in Virginia Beach, Virginia U.S. July 11, 2016. REUTERS/Gary Cameron

I mean……………take a long and serious look at that hair.  The side panels must be 5 or 6 inches long.  And then they are swooped back behind his ears.  The swirly top panels are probably shorter.

I cannot imagine he can even comb his own hair.  Someone probably had to come up with this design.  I wonder if they tried out more than a dozen.  I wonder how much he pays someone to make him look like this every day.  I know he must get his hair cut in secret.  He can’t go down to the corner shop and say, “Leave it all long but comb it so I don’t look bald.”

I would LOVE to see him after a shampoo and before the artistry to make him look fully-haired takes place.  All that long stringy stuff hanging off the side of his head.

Joanie, my hairdresser exceptionale, what say thee?



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26 responses to “Beyond a Comb-Over

  1. Folks, the ridiculous, preposterous hair is the only barely tolerable thing about DT.

  2. bholles

    –We are moving in with Amy if he gets elected

  3. I’ve heard the hair is actually a weave….Joanie would probably love to get her hands on that to see.

  4. That’s nine at night? We should be headed to bed then.

  5. No one is mentioning the fact that it’s dyed too. Men don’t usually dye their hair blond when they reach the white stage.

  6. Joanie

    There aren’t any words for how I feel about this hairstyle. But now that I look closer, it does kind of look like me… that time when we did the interview in the bathroom and I ripped the VERSA-WIG off and my hair was all stuck to my head because it was so f___ing hot in there! I could have been mistaken for Donald, no doubt.

  7. OrneryPest

    His campaign slogan oughta be “We shall over-comb!”

  8. What will we do if people fail to wake up and actually let him get elected??

  9. goatbarnwitch

    Don’t forget the orange complexion which I suppose is a spray on tan or something…. Dude, you are old and a jerk and the hair and fake tan are definitely not making you look better….. Can’t. Stand. The. Idiot.

  10. Patty O'

    He loves to criticize how others look -especially women – but seems to have no awareness whatsoever of his own appearance.

  11. bholles

    This is very funny.

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