Meeting Gina and the Gang

Captain’s Log    5,185

So one of my online pals from New Jersey is in town!  YAY!  We are meeting this afternoon to twirl around the museum and the park for a bit.  Then, it’s off to Old Town for dinner.  She is traveling with her hub unit, two sons, and her parents.  That’s quite a crew for dinner, but it will be fun.

Gina and I have exchanged blogs, texts, and emails for a very long time.  It will be nice to finally meet her in person!  This is their first trip to California, and they are loving it.  They are staying about 20 miles up the coast – far away from the bustling about of the city.  Good for them!

I know she will be fun in real life.  If the photo below is any indication of the fun these people have.


I cannot wait to meet them!

I have a very busy week.  I have something to do every single night after work.  As nice as that is, it certainly cuts into my reading time.  LOL!

Speaking of reading……I uploaded a photo of one of my bookcases today for the online challenge.  “K” is for knowledge.


They are actually sort of organized.  David Sedaris together, Bill Bryson together, Gregory Maguire together.  My sister would have a fit.  She shelves her books in the order of purchase.  Period.  End.  It’s her deal.  And a sacred deal it is.

I am a bit more of a mad professor type with my books.

Duty calls.  If I am cutting out early, I should show up early.  It’s that whole “lead by example” thing that I find useful.  Then again, nobody really cares what I do or when I do it, so maybe I am making too much structure over this.


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25 responses to “Meeting Gina and the Gang

  1. Joanie

    So, do any of you guys have an OCD category for all those books? Just wondering.

  2. TSA hates me so you know DS. great to finally meet the unfamous Poolie!!

  3. Patty O'

    Oh dear. My shelves are organized by category and then alphabetized within their brethren. Art, Archaeology, and all the way to the end and then in the Classics, for example, from Aeschylus to Zola. I’m a little book crazy…

  4. goatbarnwitch

    My bookshelf is ordered by fiction, and then the various non fiction stuff by category. My vinyl albums on the other hand are alphabetized 😉
    Have fun the the jersey peeps!

  5. Please say Hello to Gina from me. We have been blog and FB friends for a very long, long time.

  6. My books are as you would find them in the library — alphabetized by author – except for the cookbooks and those are just stashed any which way according to size and type of binding. Strange that I never considered alphabetizing them, but there it is.

  7. If they’re bringing Jersey to the West Coast, they damn well better be bringing Taylor Pork Roll also. Otherwise they’re mere posers.

  8. Penny Tushingham

    Yay for Jersey!

    Pen Pen

  9. bholles

    Have fun with your friends. And yes we must keep our books in the order we brought them.

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