Budget Passes

Captain’s Log    5,181

The budget passed in 10 minutes yesterday.  Gone are the days of one member holding up approval for 6-8 MONTHS.  We breezed through it and now I have a working document to use for grants, etc.


Not rocket science

I managed to keep health care 100% free for all full-time employees.  It’s the only perk we have.  No 401 K plan, no pension, no pre-tax cafeteria plan for medical or dental costs, etc.   We only get six paid holidays.  And with the changes in the city code for sick time, that might also get whacked.  The museum used to offer 12 days.  Then, a new law cut it to 6.  And now the law wants to cut it to 5.  I am vigorously opposing this.  I never even come close to using my sick time every year, but there are employees who need that kind of flexibility.  Apparently, the new law was drafted because employers don’t trust their employees.  So they want sick time to accrue like vacation.  According to the new law, you can accrue 100’s of hours of sick time, but you can only use 40 in one 12-month period.  It is stupid beyond even simple reason.  Why have a generous sick time policy if the law won’t allow you to use it?

I thought I was going to get a “skate day” at work today.  Skate days are times when I can dress down and be casual.  Unfortunately, the mayor has called a press conference this morning and all directors have been asked to attend, so I cannot show up in Capri pants and sandals.  I have to look the part.  Ugh.

I was watching the show about Jazz last night.  She is transgender and is now going through teen years.  Interesting dynamics.  She has such a loving family.  Many kids going through this experience are struggling with family acceptance.


Can you imagine sending this sweet little thing to the men’s room in North Carolina?

I am really looking forward to a 3-day weekend.  I don’t know why this matters so much to me, but I am excited.  I think having 3 new Stephen King books arrive from Amazon might have something to do with it.


Some of my best friends have now become Hillary haters.  How sad that they don’t see the bigger picture.  They see what is dangling in front of their noses.  If they don’t participate in the process, what dangles in front of those noses might be Donald Trump for 4 years.  Some folks are saying that it would be better to have Trump flop around in Washington for 4 years that it would be to elect Hillary.  I wish they could understand that 4 years with a madman could lead to another world war.  If Trump is elected, he will not flop around.  He will cause amazing damage to our systems.  Mexico will become an enemy.  I know there are people who would probably like that.  How sad.  I truly believed we had evolved spiritually enough to see the power of diversity.  Guess not.


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8 responses to “Budget Passes

  1. We really don’t have much choice come November 6th, do we? Kudos to you for all you do. And speaking of authors, I’m currently reading Dean Koontz–more than a bit weird–I was discussing it with the other half and he said our son quit reading Koontz because he was too weird, perhaps even scarier than King! I can’t read King — toooo scary by half!

  2. Patty O'

    What a day. 1) the Major changed his mind about where to go, so you can’t wear Capri pants and I had a fool’s errand for the opening of a special exhibit that did hot happen, 2) Even SMART people are not getting it about Hillary v. Dumbass. Frightening. 3) Diversity/Civil Rights/Women’s Rights: We have gone backward. My father was the first company owner in San Diego to hire a black man as a driver, not a driver’s helper. That happened in 1963. And mentioning 53 years ago, WHY, OH WHY doeis the only leader with balls enough to start a sit down has to step forward AGAIN and set the courageous example? Don’t you think that Rep. Lewis wouldn’t have to cross any more bridges for us, set any more examples for us, show us what a REAL hero is made of? Makes my nuts. and 4) I may as well confess: I do not like Stephen King. Well, not him, but his books. Years ago I read 3 in a row and hated all of them. The reason I read 3 anyway was because I couldn’t quite believe how much I disliked them. Happily we can still be friends anyway and there are lots of other things out there for me to read. But what a day! Sure glad that at least the budget passed…

  3. I know you fight to give your employees as much as you can. Kudos! I think Hillary has been scrutinized much more harshly than any male elected official. I expect she has not done or made as many mistakes as any of them have. Hopefully she will be much more interested in giving women the rights we are entitled to within healthcare and so on too.

  4. Sally Vangorkom

    Paula, you are a great boss and a strong leader. Thank you so much for caring about your employees!

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