Loving the Scots and Deciding Where to Buy My Paint

Captain’s Log    5,179

Gotta love the Scots.  The day after Trump arrived there and extolled their bravery for leaving the EU, the shit hit the fan.  Because….Scotland voted to STAY in the EU.  Once again, Trump illustrated his prowess with simple, factual material.

So the Scots have come up with some interesting names for Mr. Trump.

mangled apricot hellbeast

touped fucktrumpet


cheeto-faced shitgibbon

I don’t think the Scots like Mr. Trump all that much.  There were golf balls with swastikas thrown onto the greens.  Neighbors who live near the course lined their properties with Mexican flags.  I have never ever seen an American presidential candidate so reviled by our European neighbors.

I was reading online this morning about how far his supporters will go to stick with him.  One lady said she would still support him even if he stood in the street and murdered somebody.  My guess is if he stomped a bag of puppies to death on the sidewalk, people would cheer.  He has tapped into the lower nature of so many people.  He is anti-intellectual (or even modestly educated people), anti-Muslim (unless they are coming from England or someplace like that), very anti-woman (his wife is great because she does everything he tells her to do), anti-Mexican (those damn rapists), and a host of other anti things.  Even the founder of Home Depot has endorsed Trump so he can angle to be the building supplier of all that is needed to build that damn wall he wants so badly.

How to make a good neighbor.  Build a wall between your countries.  Call your neighbors rapists.  Wow.  That’s one way to turn a friendly land-bordered neighbor into an enemy.  Really really QUICK!

The founder of Home Depot made a critical error in his thinking.  Does he not realize how many Home Depot stores there are in Mexico?  Does he really think Mexicans will shop there now after what he said about building that wall?

Lowe’s also has stores in Mexico.  My guess is the Mexican people will shop there now exclusively.  That’s my plan.  I will probably never set foot in a Home Depot again.  They have joined the ranks of Walmart in my eyes.

boycott hd

Going to Lowe’s now.  Thank you very much.  Or maybe Ace Hardware.  Anywhere but here.


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14 responses to “Loving the Scots and Deciding Where to Buy My Paint

  1. Ace IS the place — always helpful, friendly and KNOWLEDGEABLE assistants. Very enjoyable place to shop.

  2. ACE and Lowes here too. Did you watch his numbers fall too. Love it.

  3. Sherrie Lidderdale

    I think you are mistaken. The home Depot guy that supports Trump retired in 2002 and does not represent HD and hasnt for years. Check out. Snopes.com and search for Trump and Home Depot. I was happy because I don’t like Lowes.

  4. Steph Rake

    I will definitely join the HOME DEPOT boycott!

  5. Patty O'

    Don’t you just LOVE the Scots? The minute I heard they were importing Mexican flags by the 1000s I knew Trump was in for a bumpy road. As for walls…well, the Romans built a B.A. wall across the Scottish border…to keep the Scots OUT of England. They had whupped the inhabitants of now-England but they took one look at the Scots and said, OH, HELL NO! They were later called the “Ladies from Hell” because they fought in kilts and mustered to the Hellish sound of the bagpipes. Don’t mess with them. Then ol’ Foot in Mouth blew it with the very first words out of his mouth! Is he THAT ignorant or did he forget where he was?

  6. Penny Tushingham

    I love my Ace hardware. They always have plenty of help to assist you.

    Pen Pen

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