Hello Summer

Captain’s Log     5,177

Thanks to my pal Kathy for sending this to me.  I had bemoaned the fact that my Photoshop skills are zero, so she made me this.

trump dunce

What a fabulous job!  I might send it to the Trumper to see what he thinks.

I just re-read this book a while back.  What an amazing feat.  It’s also a FEAST for the imagination.

Speaking of books, I am making a renewed effort to tackle this one.  Third try.  I got busy and had to abandon it.  I made a promise to myself that this is the only book I will read until it’s done.  I am not reading anything concurrently.  Just this.

1963 king

I really love mind-messing time travel novels.  What would have happened if this assassination had been stopped?

The book we read for the June book club is another YAWN FEST.  Who cares if Samuel Beckett was in Paris feeling sorry for himself so he joined the French Resistance?  It’s a true story but I couldn’t get into the groove.  I have a hard time reading books about sad people….. especially sad people in Paris who brood and smoke cigarettes non-stop.  Beckett also used to click stones inside his mouth for some obtuse reason.  At the end of the war, his teeth were shot.  I found that completely surprising.

We are dealing with incredibly high temperatures today.  We installed Big Ass fans at the museum (actual name of the company).  Today will be a test to see if they actually work.

big ass.jpg

This is not our museum but it gives you an idea of how BIG ASS these things really are.

I am facing an extremely busy week.  I hope we don’t have to let the upstairs staff go home early today because of the heat, but I think that might happen.  This is insane.

Hello summer!


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19 responses to “Hello Summer

  1. goatbarnwitch

    I am looking forward to the day that I can resume my reading – King is a favorite and this one looks particularly interesting
    That is one really BIG ASS FAN. I hope it helps

  2. I hadn’t read a Stephen King novel in years but I did read this one last year. I loved it!

  3. Just finished Magic Hour by Kristin Hannah–an excellent read. I don’t remember who recommended it, but I finished it off in 3 days; almost couldn’t put it down, it was THAT good. Will get 11/22/63 next (thanks for the recommendation) — my husband and I married on 10/13/63 and I was at work when the owner’s wife pulled up outside the store and called out to turn on the radio — the President had been assassinated.

  4. Patty O'

    90 degrees at my house at 8:45 AM and an even 100 when I returned at 10 AM. This does not bode well…although it’s still better than the 120 in Phoenix…

  5. bholles

    I just quit reading a Stephen King book because it was boring.

  6. But…but…I thought WE were your biggest fans!


  7. Sally Vangorkom

    11/22/63 is one of my faves! You’ll love it.

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