The “Wait-Around” People, the Un-Seekers

Captain’s Log      5,175

Don’t you just love people who say they are going to do stuff and then they never do it?  I call them the “wait-arounds.”  If they wait long enough, somebody will make the miracle happen for them.  Somebody will find for them what they seek.

Well here’s a little bit of advice about seeking.  You have to do it yourself.


It’s all there if you are willing to use the tools.

I’m going to use myself as an example.  I know I have done so many amazing things in my life.  I know that.  I have traveled, engaged in really interesting jobs, met amazing people, and had more adventures than I can even count.  Guess what?  I didn’t stick a sign in my front lawn and announce that I was ready to receive these things.  I didn’t set up an Adirondack chair and wait for things to happen.  I didn’t stand in the crowds during a parade and hope that somebody marching by would ask me to join.


Seeking doesn’t work that way.  If you are a true seeker, you realize opportunity ALL the time.  And once you realize it, you ACT to make it happen.  You don’t sit around and hope for change.  You try things you are afraid to do.  Case in point for myself, I decided to direct a huge theatre production and I had never done any directing before.  I took the job at the museum knowing it was full of land mines AND rewards.  I knew I would step on land mines along the way.  Shit.  I step on one almost every week.  But I still seek the excellence and excitement I know creative thinking can bring.

When I took the job with the training company years ago, I knew I would be traveling alone to different cities at least twice a month.  I was scared but excited at the same time.   Could I do it?  Of course I could!  You just DO it.  After several journeys like that, I realized I was very comfortable traveling alone.  I do it all the time now.  I love it.  Being able to travel alone makes seeking a lot easier.  And in some cases, a lot more fun because it can remain uncomplicated.

I love the excuses seekers often give when they are unwilling or afraid to venture out and actually seek.

It isn’t the right time.

I am too tired.

I don’t like that place.

I tried that once and I was disappointed.

I need to be here for X, Y, or Z.

Nothing good ever happens to people like me.

Guess what?  Nothing good every happens to “people like me” because people don’t allow it to happen.  If you want to find the pony in the barn, you have to wade through some horse shit.

And it’s okay to be tired.  I have been very VERY tired.  I got tired yesterday when some people insisted I was foolish for not wanting assault weapons in the hands of civilians.  I was belittled because I could not accurately define which killing machine qualified for the official distinction of “assault weapon.”  I stated it was easier to buy a gun and have a cashier’s check issued (at least to me).  I was then told that my bank did NOT require me to show my ID five times before they would issue me a cashier’s check a few years ago.  Somehow, strangers knew more about my banking experience than I did.  And there I was defending myself against this lunacy.   I realized after about an hour into the “discussion” that this was not a healthy thing for me to do.  This was defending myself against people I had never even met.  I realized it was madness.  It made me very tired, and as I edged toward anger, I knew it was time to quit.  I posted one last comment announcing that I was quitting and would no longer tolerate any attacks against my moral code.  Wow.  There was dead silence except for one old woman who thought  I should have bought a concealed weapon years ago.  Madness.  All of it.  I let her have the last word because it was very obvious how much that meant to her ego.

There are times when it is okay to quit.  In fact, quitting is often the most moral thing you can do for yourself.

You quit when you are truly tired.  You quit when it’s dangerous for you to continue.  You quit when you realize you are dealing with a Confederacy of Dunces.  But you do NOT quit when you feel sorry for yourself.

You stop seeking, you stop finding.  It’s a simple law of attraction.  Even if it seems like luck, you have positioned yourself for it to happen.  You don’t win the lottery unless you play.

Off to find another pony.  Don’t worry.  I always have extra boots in the car.


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11 responses to “The “Wait-Around” People, the Un-Seekers

  1. Patty O'

    I listened to a very interesting discussion on NPR yesterday about the gun controversy. A longtime Toiler in the Vineyard of that battle said something very provocative; he said we should not be trying to control the assault weapons themselves, but the magazines that hold the ammunition. Evidently years ago the serious opponents to the easy sale of guns learned a lesson: get a law drafted just right and the gun manufactures would immediately make a small design change that would nullify application of that law. It is, said he, far easier to implement a law pertaining to the magazines, because they are a far simpler mechanism that will only work in the proper way. No ammunition, the gun is worthless. I know nothing of the details but it sure sounded like a fascinating approach. And I agree; there is no reason for assault weapons to be in the hands of private citizens. They are intended as killing machines that slaughter large numbers of people at once and have no other practical application. Period.

  2. goatbarnwitch

    I was following along with the gun conversation and was tempted to put in my two cents but I have learned some conversations don’t belong where people are hiding behind computer screens. Have that conversation with me face to face and I will engage with people but it will be a different conversations because no hiding behind the screen for anyone.
    I’m sorry you were not heard and respected as you shared your feelings and facts about the issue. I agree entirely with what you said. As a matter of fact gun shows are one of the easiest places to buy weapons. The internet is another option.
    At this point in history we need to be very concerned about guns.. the bigotry and willingness to take up the banner of superiority is frightening and idea of those bigots with guns in their hands gives me nightmares

  3. Just don’t ride around in circles.

  4. The older I get, the more I want to just be a hermit. I know that isn’t best for me but I have to choose what I want to fight for and then make my stand. I guess I am like you just a little ~ but not as brave.

    • poolagirl

      It’s not about being brave.

    • I totally agree. I’ve reached a point where I like being in my home more than being out of it. And until this latest shooting insanity, I always thought I was safe when I left my home. Now I’m having my doubts. I don’t know that any of us can feel completely safe anymore. Strange and sad. A Canadian friend said that our forefathers are rolling over in their graves for they never envisioned people having assault rifles or other automatic weapons. Their concept was far simpler and more humane. IMHO, assault weapons are weapons of war and should be kept to that arena (I’m against war, but that’s another rant). How did we get here? Where’s the exit sign?

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