Orange Watches and Barbarians

Captain’s Log   5,174

I had a weird dream.  Someone was insisting I wear a giant clock on my wrist instead of my regular watch.  It involved lots of leather straps and buckle things and I was wailing quite a bit because I really like wearing a watch as opposed to some giant clock.  I have been a faithful watch wearing geek since I got my first one at age 10.  I have worn one ever since.  The few times I find myself without my watch, I feel naked and vulnerable.  I have actually driven home to get my watch.  When my watch broke in Arizona a few years ago while road tripping with Anneke, I was a wreck until we could stop at a Walgreens so I could buy a cheap piece o’ shit watch to get me through.  Anneke was a bit horrified by the one I picked out, but what can you expect for $10 in the middle of Arizona?

I have since broken that $10 watch, but it looked something like this.

orange watch

It was big and bulky and the strap made my wrist sweat.

I don’t understand people who don’t wear a watch.  If they want to know the time, they pull out their phones.  Or they ask me to check my watch.  Both of those options take a lot more effort than merely turning your wrist to see the time.


I got into watching the History Channel’s Barbarians Rising last night.  Wow!  Huge efforts to thwart the Roman Empire.  Boudica was one of my favorite warriors.


She was born into a royal family and she married Prasutagus, the king of the Iceni, a tribe of Celtic warriors in the Roman province of Britannia, History’s website says. Though the Romans and Iceni were at odds, they ultimately found peace, and Prasutagus agreed to make the Roman emperor co-heir to his kingdom, along with his wife and two daughters.

But when Prasutagus died, the Romans didn’t live up to that promise. The Romans annexed Prasutagus’ lands, beat Boudica, and violated her daughters when the former queen protested, History’s website explains. The relatives of the king were enslaved.

After all of that, Boudica had revenge on the brain, and she united British tribes to rebel against the Empire. She led her army on a “slash and burn campaign against the island’s Roman settlements” that destroyed three major hubs of Roman power and murdered “Romanized” civilians and a Roman legion, History describes on its website.

However, Boudica’s forces were eventually defeated by the Romans on a plain near Londinium. There are varying accounts of Boudica’s fate. Some say she escaped the battle, others believe she poisoned herself, and there’s another record of her dying from an illness while planning a new attack. However, most historians agree that she was the first to unite the people of Britain.

I also really like the definition of “barbarian.”  (in ancient times) a member of a community or tribe not belonging to one of the great civilizations (Greek, Roman, Christian).

That probably would have been me.  I’m sure the Romans would have crucified me too.  It was one of their favorite methods of execution.  6,000 survivors of the uprising led by Spartacus were crucified along the Appian Way, from Rome to Capua.  Those Romans were really into setting examples for others by using brutal methods of torture.  They did not invent something special for Jesus.  That’s the way those bastards did business back then.


Speaking of bastards……  It’s a great idea to email members of Congress or governors or anyone else who think we do not need gun reform in this country.  I emailed the Lieutenant Governor of Texas yesterday and told him his remarks were heinous.  I also told him I would never spend five cents of tourism money in his state.  Texas is off the list.  I tried to email the senator from North Dakota but she only accepts email from people from North Dakota.  Chicken shit.  With the way things are going in this country politically, maybe I will become a barbarian after all.


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22 responses to “Orange Watches and Barbarians

  1. You have stirred everyone up. Good for you.
    No, G didn’t buy pizza. No more pizza here, darn it.
    Love that woman warrior.

  2. Patty O'

    I received my first watch as a high school graduation gift. It was considered to be special, and as a Lady Hamilton, it was! But with our current society where things are either disposable or become obsolete I have a real problem with that. I now have my father’s gold watch (which I put on a plain black band), but it is old and should not be used for “everyday”. I asked if the battery could be replaces and was told to just throw it away, as replacing the battery would cost more than buying a new watch. That’s just WRONG.

  3. I’ve had the same thing happen to me — I try to write to politicians who are (IMHO0 off their gourd crazy and since I’m not one of their “constituents” they don’t want to hear from me. Say what??? Grrrr So they force me to waste a good stamp and write to them the slow-mail way!

  4. Trice

    I can’t drive without wearing my watch.

  5. Mrs D

    I emailed the person from CT who “disrupted” the moment of silence and chose a ZIP in his district as a work around. The autoreply said he wouldn’t answer me, but it’ll be seen, so there’s that.

  6. maryz

    I haven’t worn a wrist watch in probably 25 years (unless I have to because of travel). I stopped because, here in the South, that strap around my wrist made my arm too hot and sweaty. And that was way before cell phones. There’s almost always a clock of some sort within view if you need to know the time. Now, it really makes me crazy to wear one. Oh, well….

  7. Joel Anderson

    I have worn a watch since I was 7. I have an iPhone, but to take it out of my pocket is silly when I have a watch. People don’t wear watches anymore, it’s easer to ask what time it is even if they are standing under a clock. I still have my first watch.

  8. I’ve had a watch for so many years, I can’t remember the first one. I also feel naked without it on my wrist. As for the barbarians, me thinks we have plenty of those in our world today. Mostly bad ones.

  9. Penny Tushingham

    I get the whole watch thing. I am lost without mine. I feel naked. A whole day could go by and I don’t look at it because I have a clock on my computer, above my computer, etc so I always know what time it is but I also know the watch is always there as well.

    I only look for time on my phone in the middle of night because I can see the time without my glasses if I wake up.

    Watch the wrists of visitors today, you might see a huge orange clock watch! Wouldn’t that be spooky!

    Pen Pen

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