Earthquakes and TOTTs

Captain’s Log    5,173

I am doing the photo challenge of the day on Facebook.  I love the assignment today.  The word is “partial.”  Since I don’t wear dentures, I was puzzling about how to do this.

So when I stopped at the market on my way home last night to buy strawberries (in season and so cheap I eat them until my ears bleed), I almost stepped on this thing in the parking lot near my car.


A solitary latex glove looking forlorn and germ-laden

I immediately decided it qualified as something “partial.”  Had there been TWO gloves, I would have had to work harder to find something else.  See how I can justify things?

I did the shot “au naturale.”  There was no way I was going to touch that damn thing and replace it in some sort of artsy pose.  When you find a random solitary latex glove, it’s probably best if you don’t touch it.  God only knows where it’s been.

Some guy in the next lane watched me take the photo.  He looked puzzled as he loaded four cases of beer into his car.  I decided to explain.  It would have been easier for me to explain the concepts of quantum physics.  He did NOT get it.  I am very glad I didn’t try to explain geocaching.  I don’t even do that anymore.  When people look at me funny when I am caching, I tell them I am looking for an earring.  That usually works unless I am poking into the upper branches of tree with a TOTT (tool of the trade – geocache cool lingo).


Geocaching TOTT.  It also works if you can’t reach that can of beans in the back of the top cupboard.  Or you can scratch yourself or pull on your socks if your back hurts.

I always carry my TOTT in my trunk (for those spontaneous geocaching adventures).  I suppose I could have retrieved it and poked it around on the (partial) random latex glove.  But that would have been silly.  No point to it.  I already had attracted enough attention with just my iPhone.  No need to make it worse by brandishing a TOTT.

I guess if you use this device to select tubers at the market, it’s a TATER TOTT.

Okay, enough of that.

A pretty good shaker of a quake hit the area about 1:00 this morning.  I know it woke me up but before I realized what was happening, it was over.  I was standing next to my bed holding a box of Kleenex.  I did not react well.  You are supposed to do something other than hold Kleenex.


5.2 in the desert about 65 miles away.  Friends who live near there said they thought it was the big one.  Stuff moved around but there are no reports of serious damage.

And there I stood with a box of Kleenex.  Thank goodness it wasn’t an errant latex glove.


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19 responses to “Earthquakes and TOTTs

  1. My feet hit the floor, and my eyes run.
    We slept through the quake, but I was left wondering if my 3 story condo would collapse into itself ontop of the veehickles in another big shake.
    Where do you find the picture a day suggestions.

  2. Joanie

    HATE EARTHQUAKES! It’s such a helpless feeling for the earth to move under my feet. But a good line for a song. See you later today.

  3. annanotbob

    I’m glad you’re doing the photo-a-day – I love how we all do it a bit differently. I’m just paying lip service at the moment – I can’t quite seem to let it go, I like having ticked it off my list even if it is a bit crap and ill-though-out. Other times I give it loads of time and thought. xx

  4. What a hoot — nope, although I woke at around 2 a.m., I don’t think it was an aftershock of your earthquake–more that I drank too much iced tea last night. I would have went for the box of tissue too — these days, my feet hit the floor and my nose runs. No idea how the two got tied together, but they are.

  5. Edie

    I could not live without my reacher. The best thing that was ever made, besides me of course.

  6. Patty O'

    You are hilarious.

  7. maplelicious13

    hahahahaha that was a spontaneous moment on both accounts… but the Kleenex was the one!!!! Well on one count if you start to shed some BF it definitely might have come in handy. That is like “Body Fluid” hahahahaha
    Scary but the picture of you in my mind was hilarious. Thanks for sharing and soooo happy you didn’t touch that errant latex glove. And those TOTT’s are a handy dandy gadget for many of life reaches. I have one, they are great.
    We here in Canada are grateful that for all who were within the area of the Earth Quake are okay. Take care from Maplelicious.

  8. Kleenex can come in handy when you have to remove icky stuff…

  9. Joel Anderson

    The quake didn’t wake me up, but a very scared Heidi did when she snuggled tight next to me in bed.

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