Lots of Thoughts Today

Captain’s Log   5,166

I got home yesterday and realized my wifi was down.  The day before, it was the laptop.  So in a fit of grrrrrr, I contacted the cable company.  I was directed to online chat support, and that was a real adventure.

It was very apparent that I was chatting with someone in India.  The name, the use of formal language, etc.  The big tip off came when I tried to tell a joke and nothing happened except “thank you.”

The technician asked for permission to access my computer and router remotely.  That was fun – watching someone else scoot around in my settings.  I kept watching the little lights on the router waiting for something to happen.  Lights on.  Lights off.  Mostly lights off.

After almost an hour, I was told the router was broken.  I was told to go to the cable company and get a new one.

Another “thank you.”

I did not feel like taking that as the final answer.  I got a soda from the fridge and decided to give this another go.  I plowed through the cable company’s automated operator system and clicked on something that sounded close to “department that can fix routers that won’t access the internet.”  And I talked to a person on the phone!

She puttered around and tried some of the same things the other technician did.  Lights on.  Lights off.  Then, she had an AHA moment and tried something else.  Badda Bing!  The light came on and it stayed on!  I was connected to the internet!

I have no idea what she did, but I can now pick up my signal sitting in my car in the garage.  I went from nothing to mega-strong.  I don’t understand how these things work.  I just want them to work.


And yesterday, the “I” key on my keyboard wouldn’t work unless I hammered it really hard.  Shit.  So Carl the Computer and I had a Come to Jesus meeting about that earlier this morning.  I merely explained that I did not find that amusing and it needed to stop.  And stop now.

And today the keys are working just fine.  I refuse to try to figure this out.


I woke up this morning to the news about the Egyptian airline crashing on its flight from Paris.  Early speculation indicates terrorist involvement.  Planes do not just fall out of the sky.  The lack of radio contact is also very suspicious.  There were also security personnel on the plane.  My gut feeling says it was some sort of bomb.

If that is indeed correct, here we go again.  Mindless violence for the cause of religious righteousness.  Once again, religion brings out the worst in people – as is so often the case. I could do a serious rant here, but what’s the point?  The best we can do is live our lives with dignity and fairness – and without a religious label that sets us up for target practice.  Or, in some cases, makes us the ones holding the damn gun.


It’s time to conquer another day.  Counting the days until the Roots mini series airs (on A&E, Lifetime, and the History Channel).  I remember when it aired in 1977.  I scheduled my entire life around that series.  I watched every minute of it.  A friend of mine asked me why we need to do it again.  In light of what’s happening in our world, I think it’s very important that we continue to learn about the things that happened in the past so we can see the danger of it all happening again in the future.  Thanks, Donald Trump for that.



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19 responses to “Lots of Thoughts Today

  1. I have to add that I wish I could get those channels — I would love to watch Roots again. Wonder if it will be put on YouTube some time?

  2. My niece is such a techie person, but she lives in San Diego and I’m here … when she visits I always feel horrible for asking her to fix my electronic/computer stuff while she’s here. She comes up to relax and restore herself, not to be my built-in computer guru! Ah me… You should see my desk — laptop sitting on top of the master surge protector panel (like a platform, if you will), regular keyboard plugged into one of the laptop’s USB ports, the external hard drive plugged into yet another USB port along with the printer, and on the right is a 4 in one USB extension so I can plug 3 USB cords into one socket. I really need to get my old computer into the shop. Oh how I hate/love computers. There are cords running all over my desk and I can’t get my Smart TV to play music. :/ Dang~!

  3. Thank You My Friend
    A Tear And A Smile Always Appear To me as I Read The Stories of Your Passion
    Thank You

  4. I hate when there are computer glitches….I never know what to do.

  5. goatbarnwitch

    I read a piece on the reworking of Roots and it sounds like a good thing. Bringing in some things that were not included in the original and putting more emphasis on the individuality of the main character rather than focusing on the chains. Too bad I don’t have cable. I will have to wait for streaming

  6. Patty O'

    Why run it again? Good grief. Think of all the people born since then who have never seen the series. There are 40-year olds who haven’t. That is downright scary. I’m glad it will be on BEFORE the elections, too, as perhaps some eyes – and hearts – will be opened.

  7. Updated variation on an old joke involves Donald Trump watching “Roots” backwards so it will have a happy ending.

  8. bholles

    Glad you are up and running.

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