My TV Addiction Issues

Captain’s Log   5,165

It could have been so much worse!  It turns out my big issue with the computer was a bad battery connection.  Our IT guy did something with a pencil and everything was hunky punky monkey again.  I love our IT guy.  His name is Porter and he is a total sweetie heart. I don’t even know his last name.  He is just Porter.  He makes me smile every time I see him, because he can always fix stuff.  I suppose he would look silly wearing a cape, but he certainly deserves one.

He also installed some software so I can access my work computer from home.  Why on earth would I want to do that?  But hey, we have the license so he put it on.  Not that I will ever use it.  When I leave for the day, I LEAVE for the day.  Why would I want to catch up on stuff at home?  I don’t even want to do email when I leave.  Having a business cell phone is bad enough.

So I just heard that Bates Motel is going into another season next year.  EEEK!  I binge-watched the last three episodes with Friend Pam on Monday night.  It just got creepier and creepier.  It’s becoming as suspenseful as Game of Thrones because you never really know who is going to be alive at the end of the episode.

Game of Thrones has presented some of the most despicable characters I have ever seen on television.  Ramsay Bolton is the latest that everyone wants to kill by sticking bamboo skewers into his eyes, wanker, eardrums, throat, heart (if he has one), liver, etc.


Evil little son of a bitch.  Get the skewers!

Martin does write really strong women characters.  That’s a very nice change.  Yes, women are depicted as the spoils of war because that is historically accurate, but he gives his major female characters a lot of strength.  It might not be strength headed in the right direction, but they are strong, strong women.  The most noble of the lot is Brienne of Tarth.  She has assumed the role of knight who pledged fealty to Sansa Stark.  Very cool.


Brienne of Tarth.  Strong and loyal.  She is also a killing machine.  Bad guys, watch out!  I even switched my cable plan so I can watch this in real time now.

Bates Motel will be introducing the famous shower scene next year.  Norman has deconstructed into something macabre and frightening.  I love the show.  It’s set in Oregon and has a distinctive Twin Peaks vibes running under the surface.  There are lots of strange secondary characters that sort of pop in and out – keeping it all very interesting.


Norman gets a little too cozy with his mother.


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8 responses to “My TV Addiction Issues

  1. Patty O'

    I’m a fan of Freddie Highmore. He was a really GOOD child actor and was especially good in “Finding Neverland”. That was before he had his ears fixed…after which he was almost unrecognizable. Who would have guess he would grow up to be Norman!

  2. Glad you got the computer fixed but I’m with you – work stays at work. My former boss had a habit of requiring you to do online training from home – or tests they sometimes also required you to do after hours. Dubious legality but since this is a right-to-work state most people did it. The last batch of that crap, I already knew I was leaving and politely told them what they could do with their deadlines.

    • poolagirl

      All that is going to change now with the federal over-time regulations. You cannot ask someone who is not on salary to do anything from home.

      • It’s already illegal. My employer pointed out that they couldn’t require us to work from home; but they required the training and testing to be completed by xx date, there would be consequences if we didn’t complete it by that date, and that there would be no on-the-clock time allocated to it. You do the math. We were routinely told to “check this and do it from home”, same principle.

  3. Oooh… Kinky!!! That’s a side of Norman I never suspected, but then …. keeping her body in the attic so he could visit her ranks right up there! LOL I so wish Twin Peaks would come back. Now THAT was a series! Some really messed up people in that one! But we were hooked–baaad, and couldn’t wait for each and every episode. “Look at those trees…”

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