Bah-Ha-Bah Report

Captain’s Log   5,163

I’m baaaaaaaack!  Bless me father for I have sinned.  It’s been two weeks since my last entry.  Oh wait….wrong line.  I haven’t been in a confessional since the visiting missionary priest told me I was too young to be confessing adultery at age 10.  But that’s another story for another time.

The trip was amazing!  We stopped in Bangor (pronounced BAN-GOR, not BANG-OR) to see Stephen King’s house.   We stopped across the street just in time to see a UPS truck drive up!  I was so excited to know Stephen King gets packages delivered in the big brown truck!  Someone was home because someone signed the receipt.  There was a huge Mercedes parked in the portico on the side of the house, so I am going to guess Stephen was home.  Even if he wasn’t.


There are bats and spider webs on the gates!  OMG!  What a cool house!  It’s located in a neighborhood where all the houses look like this.  Very old.  Very nice.

The conference was incredible!  There was only one sucky presenter out of 14.  Those are great odds.  Pandora and I tried to stay awake, but it was rough.  The bad presenter was the first one after lunch on the last day.  That is a tough spot because nobody has much energy left.  Most people were making little barricades with their conference materials so they could hunker down and play with their phones.  You know it’s bad when nobody asks any questions.  NOBODY.  So that session broke early and we were able to go in the break room and devour more cookies.  And lemon bars!  OMG!  They had lemon bars!  They were still warm from the oven and made a huge mess when you tried to eat them.  Delightful!

Bar Harbor was fun.  The downtown area is really quaint.  The population zooms from 10,000 permanent residents in the winter to over 2,000,000 visitors in the summer.  Gads!

bar harbor

The night we went down here for dinner it was windy and rainy.  And the temperature was about 39 degrees.  I was grateful for my windbreaker.  It kept me warm.

We went ghost hunting one night.  Catherine Hill was killed on the road between Franklin and Cherryville, Maine.  She apparently appears and asks for a ride to Bar Harbor.  We went out there to see if we could help.  The legend says she appears in the fog.  As we were driving down the road, the night was totally clear.  Until we went around a curve.  BAM!  There was fog.  It was eerie as hell!  We did not see her that night, but I am sure she was wandering he woods.  We took a young museum worker from Michigan with us.  I am sure we scared the shit out of her.

catherine hill

Sometimes she appears without her head.  That would be beyond creepy!  I am glad we didn’t see her with or without her head.

The highlight of the conference was winning the NAAMY Award for Best Interpretive Exhibits.  That’s like winning an Oscar for us.  It’s the biggest award and automotive museum can win, and we did it!

nammy award

Sorry about the angle.  I was excited and this is the best shot I could get in the moment.

After the conference, Pandora and I went our separate ways.  I visited Frank in Cape Cod first.  I had never been there, and it was amazing!  I taught him how to geocache.  We played electric bass, we went to the movies, and we explored the cape.  We got rained out in Provincetown, but it was still fun.  I was glad I had a hoodie.  It was cold on the beach!

frankie and poolie

Cold!  But we had such a good time!

Then I went off to Plymouth to hang out with Diane and Fred.  They showed me all the sites and took me to the Moose Lodge for adult beverages.  It was great fun.  The last day I was there, we decided to go into the woods to find some geocaches that had been eluding Diane in previous searches.

diane and poolie

T-shirt and no hoodie.  It was glorious!  And we found the geocaches.

I headed back to Boston on Friday around noon to meet up with Pandora at the airport.  I have never been so confused while driving in my entire life.  Check this out.  This is a typical road sign.

boston traffic

What the fook does that mean?  We got so lost the first 10 minutes of our drive out of the airport when we arrived that my head was spinning.  Driving back to the airport alone on Friday was causing me great anxiety.  It took me two passes around the airport before I spotted a TEENY little sign that said CAR RENTAL RETURN.

The east coast is loaded with Dunkin Donuts shops.  I had one coffee when we stopped to change drivers on the way to Bar Harbor.  I never had even one donut.  I guess that means I have to go back.  In addition to the donuts, there are ice cream shops everywhere.  I mean EVERYWHERE.

ice cream

Typical shop.  This one was right up the road from Diane’s house.  There was another one right across the street.  Everywhere!

I was an amazing trip.  The people are great.  The lifestyle is very different.  The days are long in the summer.  All good stuff.


They take their moose lodges very seriously.


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12 responses to “Bah-Ha-Bah Report

  1. Ooooh…. I love trip commentaries! Thank you!! It’s almost as good as being there myself — except I don’t get any of the lemon bars! Such fun… have to wonder if driving in Boston is anywhere near as confusing as driving in the U.K. LOL

  2. Patty O'

    Welcome home! We missed you. SO glad it was a good trip and HUZZAH for the well-deserved award. That makes it al worthwhile.

  3. Joanie

    Congrats on the big win!! Sounds like you had a great time.

  4. goatbarnwitch

    it’s nice to get the full report on your trip. A big success from the sound of things.
    I refuse to ever drive in Boston. It is a horrible place to be in a car. Stick to the trains. The T is very easy to deal with or at least it was for me.
    Dunkin Donuts makes me laugh when I hear about northeastern travelers discovering that they are not nationwide. I prefer independent coffee shops myself but in a pinch a DD drive thru can be a life saver.

    • poolagirl

      We can buy DD ground coffee in our stores, but the actual shops are limited. I think we have one in San Diego. LOL!

  5. I’ve lived on the East Coast my entire life, and the “Death Race 2000” conditions are like mother’s milk to me. But traffic in Boston? That’s the one area I absolute will never venture into out of sheer fear. The layouts – and people – are INSANE. I’m glad you survived. Mmmmmm….warm lemon bars. Welcome back, and congrats on the big win!!

  6. Penny Tushingham

    Glad you had a wonderful time and congrats on the award. Missed your postings but FB kept us abreast of your adventures!

    Pen Pen

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