Writing to the Governors

Captain’s Log   5,162

It’s time for North Carolina to just break off from the rest of this country and become its own little world.  They can have their own economy, political structure, and laws.  They can maintain their own roads and pay 100% for their own schools.  They can print their own money.  They can negotiate their own trade agreements with other countries.

What a backward bunch of asshats!


Toilet police here.  And now voter restrictions are practically handing over elections to the Tea Party.  Amazing.

Back to the bathroom issue – where you are supposed to use the restroom based on the gender you had a birth.  Let’s look at this.


Born female so should now be using the women’s room (in North Carolina)


Born male and should now be using the men’s room (in North Carolina)

I am traveling to Maine next week.  They don’t have bathroom police (yet), but their governor is a total asshat too.  This is the guy who doesn’t want drug dealers from New York to go to Maine and impregnate their “white women.”  Last week, he rejected this bill that is cheap, easy to use, and can save countless lives.

LePage, a Republican, blocked the bill on Wednesday, which proposed to make the drug Naloxone — designed to quickly counteract a potentially fatal opiate (heroin) overdose — available over the counter without a prescription to someone at risk, or their family members.  This costs approximately $5 a dose.

I already wrote to him about the drug/racism thing.  I told him I was not happy that I would probably have to spend money in his state when I am there.  But I promised I would really watch my pennies and spend as little as possible.

I also wrote to the governors of North Carolina and Mississippi.  Think me foolish if you will, but at least I did something.


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14 responses to “Writing to the Governors

  1. I remain utterly dumbfounded at the ignorance of some politicians (never mind the bull-headedness). I truly wonder how they were ever elected. Oh, wait! I’ve got it now — the people electing them weren’t that smart either! Duh! Where’s term limits when you need them?

  2. Now you can write Councilwoman Laurie Pfaff for me and tell her that the Santa Clara point rec center handicapt parking places have been poorly relocated. The handicapt folks can’t access the rooms from those far, far away parking slots.

  3. goatbarnwitch

    Here in horrible NY the opiate fix is available easily and police and first responders carry it to help those who would otherwise die. Addiction is treated so wrong and ineffectively in our culture and to take away a simple lifesaving treatment because of race/class/holier than thou beliefs is wrong on so many levels.
    Good for you for letting this jerks in office know you are paying attention and will make decisions on your belief that they are not being democratic in their actions

  4. You can’t fix stupid. You have to leave that job to Darwinism.

  5. Valerie

    Sadly, Charlie and I were seriously considering retiring to Wilmington, NC. It’s a beautiful, historic city about 20 minutes from the beach. It’s off the table now because of HB 2. Back to the drawing board…

  6. Patty O'

    I wish we could enlist a super bright teenage to invent a scanner that would immediately determine on a scale of 1 to 10 just HOW stupid passersby truly are and cause an LED number of disclosure to display directly above their heads. Then they would be required to surrender all rights to vote or express opinions. Differences of opinion can be worked out, but not base stupidity. Ignorance can be fixed by education and understanding but STUPID goes all the way to the bone.

  7. I don’t get it. There is no good reason to reject a bill like that. Unless he has ties to something else. Hope your travels to the East Coast are uneventful as far as stupidity goes.

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