Birthday in Vegas

Captain’s Log    5,160

It’s my Big Sister Mia’s birthday tomorrow.  Obviously, she loves to read.  She is even reading “normal” books with our book club and she is not complaining very much at all.  Don’t let anyone know….but she actually has LIKED a few of those books.  A mystery book is her first choice.  She loves to read about murder and serial killers.  My sweet sister loves crime and hayhem.  Bless her.

Mia Buys Books

Taken several years ago at her favorite store, Mysterious Galaxy.  Funny man Patrick stands behind her.  I am not sure if she actually bought all those books that day.  I think she did.  When I asked her if she was looking straight at the camera, she said she was.  For some reason, she CANNOT look at a camera.  She is a photographer’s nightmare.

So how do we celebrate Mia’s birthday?  With tradition!  A gang of friends and family gather in Las Vegas for a few days to assist her with the transition into a new year.  It’s a nice time to get together and have some fun.  We leave tomorrow morning.  I am most excited to see my niece Amy and her wife Kelly.  Such nice people.  We share a room and most of the madness happens there.

Last year, I got violently ill from food poisoning during that trip.  It was most likely the breakfast buffet that did me in.  I was WAY too sick to blame the rum we drank that night.  I missed an entire day of fun and still felt awful when I got on the plane.  There is nothing worse than feeling sick on a plane.  I drank warm 7-Up and made it home.  I learned my lesson from that.  I am exceedingly careful with what I eat from a buffet now.

I am getting even more weird about this kind of food as I get older.  I rarely eat even a single bite of catered food at the museum.  The fear of getting sick is just too strong.  I mingle and walk around with a Diet Coke.  We had a wedding event at the museum that was catered by a friend of the bride (bad idea).  147 people came down with severe food poisoning within hours.  Some ended up hospitalized.  Even my own staff who at eaten some of the tainted chicken alfredo went down sick for 3-4 days.  It was nasty nasty.   Nothing like that to reinforce my fear of buffets…..and to thank God I am vegetarian.

My mom almost died of food poisoning when she was young (her entire family, actually).  That story has always stayed in my mind.  I am SOOOO careful with food in my house.  I wash dishes immediately.  If anything even begins to look funny, out it goes.

I am the world’s best milk smeller.

But enough about food.  And more about connecting with family.  That’s what it’s all about.  We laugh, stay up late, tell stories, and roam the strip in search of adventure.  Las Vegas never disappoints.  A college friend is in Vegas right now but she flies out the same time we fly out of San Diego.  So I will miss seeing her.  Her conference is in San Diego next year, so that should provide a better opportunity.

One more day of work.  And then…..birthday in Vegas!


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20 responses to “Birthday in Vegas

  1. Tell Mia Happy Birthday from us. We will see you all for breakfast in a week or so. Tell her there are two new Longmire’s coming out the first of next month. (Craig Johnson: author.)

  2. annanotbob

    Happy birthday to sister Mia from me
    Hope you all have a fab time! xx

  3. Patty O'

    Best wishes to the birthday girl. Have a wonderful tike!

  4. We have a catered volunteer appreciation dinner tonight — your words will be with me as I choose what to eat!! Hugs and thanks… T

  5. Here’s hoping the buffets are fresh and you can get the food cooked in front of you. I can’t wait to hear what you are Amy get into this year. Happy Birthday to Mia too!

  6. Sally Vangorkom

    That picture is priceless!

  7. Penny Tushingham

    One nice thing about breakfast buffets is the option to have them make your own omelet. Since they make it in front of you, your much safer. Have a wonderful time and my best to Amy.

    Pen Pen

  8. Valerie

    Have a grand time!!!

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