Short Road Trip Ahead

Captain’s Log   6,156

Big Sister Mia and I have a small road trip planned for Saturday.  We are going to Cathedral City (near Palm Springs) to visit a friend of hers who just had some serious emergency surgery.  I am looking forward to getting away.  This is really more her friend than mine, but I am glad to be her driver.

Vegas is next in April with a 3-day trip to celebrate Big Sister Mia’s birthday.  There will be eight of us in the group.  Last year, I got so incredibly sick (probably from the breakfast buffet) that I thought death might be a welcome relief.  14 hours of amazing agony.  I am very careful with buffets now.  I learned a valuable lesson that was confirmed by a physician friend of mine.  Be careful with egg dishes!

I am going to celebrate my birthday next year.  I might even have a small party.  We will see.  I always say that and then I back out.  I had a formal party when I turned 18, 30, and 60 (when I shared a large party in San Diego with Big Sister Mia).  Turning 65 is probably a good reason to have a party.  I am thinking about it.  I have 10 months to decide!   About 80 people showed up for my open house three years ago, so it could be a big party.  I will definitely have it catered.

I got lucky this morning with my iPhone camera.


This is from a rose bush I planted as a substitute after the crack-head gardener cut the other one back so far he killed it.  $3.99 at Home Depot.  It’s done very well!

The gardener I have now is not a crack-head.  The people who owned the house before me (when I was renting it) had hired that gardener.  He was not a crack head when they hired him.  It was a slow descent into Crack Head Land.  He was fired.

I love my gardener now.  His name is Victorino and he works with his brothers and his father.  He installed my irrigation system and planted everything in the yard.  And now he takes care of most of it.  I still putter.  He does the big stuff.  He mows and trims.  I just putter.  He is a bargain for me.  It would take me all day to do what his team can knock out in an hour.

Two more days of the office and then I get to hit the road!  It’s about 3 hours each way.  I am really looking forward to Saturday!


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27 responses to “Short Road Trip Ahead

  1. PS: I like that rose. 🙂

  2. I like the party idea, myself. 🙂 Then again, I gave myself a trip at 50, 60, and 70. If I make 80, I will make it a good one. All yours are good. Have fun out there on the road.

  3. poundheadhere

    Road trip! You’re going to have fun, as always. Just skip the buffet 😉

  4. Patty O'

    A lovely drive, a pleasant destination, and a friend who will enjoy and appreciate a thoughtful visit. Doesn’t get much better. As for eggs on a buffet, if you do not actually SEE the pan being delivered to the buffet, don’t take any. Salad bars are iffy, too, because you do not know 1) how cold they keep them, or 2) how often they change them out. Carrot sticks are always safe. Of course.

  5. joanie

    Have a great time on your trip with Barb.See you when you get back.

  6. Valerie

    Enjoy your road trip! How lovely that Barb will be able to give her friend some moral support!

  7. bholles

    And you are seeing Elton John in Vegas. What fun.

  8. Sounds interesting…..Hope you and Barb have a wonderful road trip.

  9. Sally Vangorkom

    You did not “get lucky” with the picture of the flower. You are very adapt at photographing flowers, just sayin”…

  10. Susanna

    Ive missed reading about you and will have to have another Poolie marithon to chatch up and I’m so ready for an in person catch up too. What day shall I show up at the museum. Name it, I’ll be there.

  11. Marna

    Can’t wait to see you again!

  12. Penny Tushingham

    A party next February, maybe I will have to plan my visit/trip around it so I can help you?

    Pen Pen

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