The Fire of JFK

Captain’s Log    6,154

It’s been a long road for President Obama.

obama age

“When is this shit over?” he asks with a weary heart.

I don’t know how he has kept it together all this time.  I can only imagine how much he is looking forward to the days when he can lounge around the house for an entire day, read, drink coffee, putter around in the yard.

I have never seen a President so reviled, hated, attacked, thwarted.  I used to argue that it was the color of his skin, and people rebuked me.  “America isn’t racist, Paula!”

Oh really?  When did that change?  When we have the front runner of the Republican party running around calling Mexicans rapists, beating the shit out of black protesters, etc.  How can they honestly say our country isn’t racist?  With the rise of the white supremacy movement and the KKK, how can they say that?

This country is so fookin’ racist it makes my head spin.  I live in San Diego – just 18 miles from the Mexican border.  So guess what?  There are a lot of Mexican people living in my city.  Over half of my staff is Hispanic.  I HIRE BROWN PEOPLE!  I pay them well.  I am jealous of their language skills.  They are good people.

I am beginning to understand how many people out there don’t get involved.  As long as what is happening doesn’t affect them, they just go about their business.  They would never attend a rally, support political change, post anything remotely controversial on Facebook, or make noise.  They don’t ever get into the trenches with “those people.”  They hold their white privilege cards and just wait it out.  Heaven forbid they should be part of the force that actually changes anything.  Heaven forbid they should rub shoulders with rascals and troublemakers.

I, for one, am jazzed to see people in the streets again.  That’s what our political process is all about.  It’s not about sitting down to drink tea from an elegant cup.  It’s about creating a world that is fair and just for everyone.  I stand with those who work for justice.  I stand with Obama.  JFK lit this fire in my soul in 1960 and it has never gone out.  Never.


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18 responses to “The Fire of JFK

  1. Steph

    Just heard on the Sunday Political news….that a GREAT number of Trump supporters have NEVER voted. I wasn’t surprised. And I agree with your statements. I was recently at a Persian New Years celebration (Iran, etc)..the diversity at this event was heart warming…all ethnicity; ,life styles, and ages…made me proud to live in my neighborhood!

  2. Patty O'

    With you Paula, 100%. /

  3. Right on, Paula. I’m with you all the way.

  4. poundheadhere

    It’s chilling to see how backward-thinking our so-called “leadership” has become. I agree with you – racism is very much alive and well in 2016. It’s more blatant and open than I’ve seen it since the 1960’s. I can’t really march these days, but I donated to Bernie Sanders’s campaign, the only time I have EVER made a donation to a politician.

    I laughed along with Ellen when she said it was easier to vote than to move to Canada. Now I need to add the rejoinder, “Unless you live in Arizona.”

    I’m literally sickened by what I’ve seen in this campaign, from the rampant violence and bigotry to the blatant election rigging. I’ve seen people from both sides of the fence say what I’ve been saying for years: that a revolution is brewing, and when it goes off it ain’t gonna be pretty.

  5. p.s. Thanks for posting those photos of Obama–I’ve noticed how the stress of being president has taken a toll on him physically. I’m with you in hoping he has many days of life without the heavy load he’s carrying now,

  6. I say AMEN! I’ve donated to Bernie Sanders campaign more than I’ve ever donated to any politician. I believe in what he wants to do for our country. I am dumbfounded that people are actually considering voting for either Clinton or Trump. I wouldn’t trust either one of them to do anything positive for our country, We have to believe that good will prevail. Watching the way voters were abused here in AZ (Maricopa cut voting polls down to 60 for a population of 1,25 million voters–if that isn’t controlling the vote, I don’t know what is.)

  7. It feels like the world has gone back to the 40’s and 50’s with little or no respect for other races, women and people who really just want to get along.

  8. Joan

    Amen Sistar- Also whod have thought that we would still be at this point in history and culture when the the future held such promise?

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