Being the Best I Can Be

Captain’s Log    6,153

The United States has issued a travel warning for all of Europe.  I totally understand that.  If there aren’t more terrorist attacks in Europe in the next few weeks or months, I will be shocked.  It seems like the breeding ground for this nonsense was carefully tended.  It will be hard to stop them now.  This is madness.

We have active terrorism in Europe.  We had a madman running for President of the United States.  I certainly hope decency will prevail at some point and all of this will get under control.


Who am I kidding?

The only thing I can do is go about my business and be the best person I can be.  That means being gracious to all people, sharing what I have to the best of my ability, being patient, and respecting our differences.  I refuse to be afraid of my Muslim pals who run the liquor store down the street.  I refuse to let the rhetoric of Donald Trump invade my psyche.  I just refuse.


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12 responses to “Being the Best I Can Be

  1. annanotbob

    Also it will be hard to stop them unless we stop us – US, UK etc. ‘We’ are killing ‘them’ in far greater numbers – we’ve even knowingly bombed hospitals

  2. annanotbob

    I think the travel warning is just fear-mongering. I know it’s shocking when a terrorist attack happens, but statistically we’re all more likely to be killed in a car crash. There’s been debate on the radio today about whether school trips to Belgium should be cancelled (they go to WWI sites) and there was virtually no support for the idea, and indeed visits have gone ahead as planned this week. The location and timing of these attacks are impossible to predict and really not worth changing plans for. We don’t not get into cars because of the danger and that’s a far greater risk.

  3. Amen. All we can ever do is to try to be our best and live our life with courage. Adhering to the Golden Rule is always a good thing,

  4. Live as if it is your last day.

  5. Patty O'

    Being our best selves is a worth goal for all of us.

  6. poundheadhere

    We live in a terrifying world. Our best defense is and will always be living well and in peace.

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