Upscale Movies

Captain’s Log    6,151

I did a favor for Friend Pam over the weekend, and she wanted to thank me.  She is always doing stuff like that.  She is very respectful of my time and always wants me to know how much she appreciates the things I do for her.

I “babysat” her pups for about 3 hours on Saturday.  They are total loves and I did not mind at all.  Even so, Pam planned a nice thank you for me.  It was a surprise!

She picked me up and we went to the Angelika Film Center and Cafe!  OMG!

an lee

Fancy fancy!

an lee 2

Reclining seats that do about a million different things!  And the trays swing back and forth like magic!  And the seat numbers are clearly identified on the tray.  Makes it simple.

WOW!  This is something you should do once in your life.  It’s so expensive I don’t know how people could do this all the time.  Especially with kids.  But hey, I loved this as a thoughtful thanks for service.

They have a full cafe too.  They serve sandwiches,  pizza, salads, etc.  They also serve high end wine and beer.  If you wait until AFTER the movie, the food costs are cut back to 50%.  That’s a nice feature if you are into eating in movie theatres.  I am not.

After the film ended and we walked back to the car, we both decided it was fun but we still like the local place where the tickets are $8 and you can buy a popcorn card and get free popcorn for a whole year.  And the seats in the local theatre are also very nice recliners (even though they don’t do a million things).  And there isn’t a chandelier in the lobby.  You can also get beer and wine at the local theatre too.  And a panini.  What more do you need?

We saw Whiskey Tango Foxtrot with Tina Fey.  We both really liked it.  It gives a whole new perspective on what war correspondents go through.  No thanks.

And so I prepare for another week of fun and excitement at the museum.


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19 responses to “Upscale Movies

  1. The hubster and I don’t do food or drink at the movies. Our favorite time to go is the first show on a Sunday morning (usually pretty empty), and then lunch after. Because we’re both cheap and antisocial.

  2. Gads… what a treat! It’s definitely nice to be appreciated!

  3. It sounds like fun I will take second hand. 🙂 I owe you too. Thanks for calling and telling us about the news photos. Boy, I was a hit at the pool this morning. LOL

  4. I’ll stick with Netflix. I can pause the movie for potty or food breaks and rewind if I missed something. I watched THE MARTIAN this week…loved it!

    • poolagirl

      I like Netflix too, but I LOVE real movies! I love the whole thing of sitting in the dark with a big bag of popcorn waiting for the movie to start. When I was a kid, I went every Friday night and every Sunday afternoon. I go about 3-4 times a month now. Love it!

  5. Patty O'

    I think I would love to do that ONCE, but I do like the idea of enjoying a nice glass of wine with the movie. Thanks for the brief review, too. I’ve been wondering if that was worth the effort.

  6. Sally Vangorkom

    Wow! Nice theater!

  7. Sounds nice but I do not think I would go there. I am too cheap.

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