Captain’s Log   6,150

It’s really good!  OMG

bates bates

Norman!  Listen to your mother!!

This series is sooo well done!  Granted, there are some truly random things that are never explained (like some guy burning on a utility pole).  I get the feeling that the producers just tossed that shit in for the weird, random effect.  It definitely gives the series a Twin Peaks sort of feel.

Norma says, “I need apples at the store.”

Norman says, “I’ll go with you.  Since you pulled me out of school, I have nothing else to do.”

Norma says, “We can make pie.”

Norman says, “I think there is a dead guy burning on that utility pole.”

Norma says, “Nothing surprises me in this town.  Should we get ice cream too?”

Norman says, “I will always love you, mother.”

Norma says, “We’ll find some roadkill for your taxidermy fetish too.”

Norman says, “There’s a shovel in the trunk.”

Norma says, “People like us should always carry shovels.”

And so it goes in the life of Norman and Norma.  I don’t know which one is crazier.

I got some interesting phone calls yesterday.  The one that excited me the most was a call from the director of the Cord Auburn Duesenberg Museum in Auburn, Indiana.  She was inviting me to be placed on the ballot for the board of directors of the National Association of Automobile Museums!  WOW!  The conference is in Maine this year, and I am attending.  This is definitely big stuff.  I am very honored.  Another feather in the cap for the museum.

And speaking of the museum…….

The event last Saturday night was a huge success!  We made about $65,000 Saturday night!  Back out expenses and it’s about $56,000 profit.  That is double what we have done in the past.  I am thrilled!  The 2004 Jaguar auctioned for $34,000!  Dang!  We were hoping for $20,000!

And…….most of the ladies in my book club think it would be fun to go up to the mountains for a weekend.  Rent a cabin and have some huge fun.  I was shocked.  I really thought they would hate it.  Guess I was wrong.  That sounds like a hoot.


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22 responses to “Norman!

  1. In my heart, you are already the Queen of All Museums. ❤

  2. Oh my! Congratulations all round on the event and your nomination! I’m sure they recognized talent when they saw it! Awesome!!! Keep us posted, though I’m sure you’ll be elected to the board.

  3. George

    Really good news about the museum and your “nomination”.

  4. Ferget Bates, your show was the best in town. 🙂
    Then again, G won 2 or the 4 raffles. LOL

  5. poundheadhere

    What terrific news all the way around! Bravo to you, Poolie. It’s about time your ship came in – after all, you ARE the captain!

  6. goatbarnwitch

    Yay good work stuff!! Double yay cabin trip!!

  7. Patty O'

    Congratulations on the nomination (!) and the phenomenal success of the fundraiser; you must take a big bow! The book club romp sounds like fun. DO it!

  8. Glad the event went well. Sounds like it was wonderful. Good luck with the election. Maybe we should put YOU on the ballot for President of the USA too!

  9. Valerie

    Wow! Both work-related items are awesome! How wonderful that your outstanding work has been recognized!

  10. Penny Tushingham

    Lots of good karma hanging around you right now!

    Pen Pen

  11. bholles

    Forgot to tape Bates. Hopefully will repeat next week.

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