Fashion Consultant

Captain’s Log    6,149

I went to the mall to get some new black slacks for the big event on Saturday night.  Once I achieved that goal, I allowed myself to look at other things.  And THIS definitely caught my eye!  On sale for $12.  I tend to like clothes that nobody else wants.

hippie shirt 2

A big reddish tunic thing!  I am so excited!

I also bought grey slacks, brown slacks, a silver turtleneck thing, and five other blouses.  I really do not like to shop, so when I am actually doing it, I do it all.  I should be set for awhile.  I wanted a few nice things to wear when I go to Maine in May.  Now I have them.  They have a rather fancy dinner the last night, and the silver turtleneck thing will go well with the black and white tunic thing I also bought.

I was good.  I tossed clothes that had not seen the light of day for a few years.  I need to do a lot more tossing and then take everything to my friend Mage’s thrift store/re-sale shop.  Purge purge purge.  I am going to use the “happiness” criteria.  If the clothing does not make me feel “happy” when I examine it, it will go away.  Bye bye to the clothes that will make someone else happy.

The funniest thing happened while I was shopping.  A woman came up to me and asked if some weird see-through plastic jacket thing looked good on her.  I told her no.  I told her she would feel like she was inside a sauna the moment it got warm.  She thanked me.

Five minutes later, another lady asked me about her accessories she picked out for her sister’s wedding.  In this case, I told her that weddings are about bling and to go for it.

And then……a third time!  OMG!  This little old lady came up and asked me if the magenta t-shirt she wanted to buy made her face look “off.”  Was she too old to wear magenta?  I assured her you are never too old to wear magenta.

So I have decided I have a new career path.  Once I retire, I can stand around in malls and give fashion advice for $1 per suggestion.  It won’t be like begging on the street with a cardboard sign because people are actually getting something in return.  Sage advice about t-shirt colors, plastic jackets, and what to wear to your sister’s wedding.  I already have a business license that costs me $35 a year.  Seriously, I DO have a business license.  It says “medical records manager/entertainer.”  I think I would be good to go.

The big event for tomorrow night at the museum is all set.  I cannot believe it.  I think I just have to show up, set up some table and chairs, greet people, make a compelling speech, say goodbye to people, remove the tables and chairs, and go home.  At least I hope it’s that simple.  I am hoping to be home around 10:00.


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16 responses to “Fashion Consultant

  1. That Magenta top was a steal at $12!! You scored! And you’re like me–I hate to shop for clothes, so when I do shop, I make it count!

  2. poundheadhere

    Your vivid berry tunic with black embroidery is divine, and the perfect hippie couture for any occasion. You’ll rock that thang! It also looks super comfy, which makes it the perfect choice 🙂

    I purge my closet at least twice a year every year, like clockwork. I still end up with things that never see daylight..

  3. You sure are. Do you need some rough amethysts to wear with that magenta shirt tomorrow? George can get in his black suit, and I bought bling at the store. LOL

  4. Patty O'

    Home by 10 PM? Good luck with that. P.S. Love the red-blouse-tunic thingie!

  5. Sally Vangorkom

    I really like the reddish tunic thing.

  6. Love the blouse. I agree that the older lady should wear magenta; it’s a great color. I was asked a few months ago by a customer who was going out of state for a funeral if something she had chosen looked right. I gave her a couple other suggestions of tops that would go with the slacks. She was thrilled and I was happy to help. It sounds like you had a great shopping spree. It’s wonderful when you find several things you like at one time..

  7. Penny Tushingham

    I tried the suggestion of turning your hangers around so at the end of the season, you need to purge those that you didn’t wear. Of course, I only did this with my turtlenecks (which I live in) but plan to do other sections of the closet soon. Actually only had a few I didn’t wear.

    Hope you have a wonderful event!
    Pen Pen

  8. bholles

    You will be a fashion queen.

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